West Virginia Senate: The 2nd Amendment Is A Concealed Carry Permit

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Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

On February 27 the West Virginia senate passed a bill to eliminate the need for obtaining a permit to to carry a concealed handgun, citing the 2nd Amendment as reason enough to exercise an “inherent right.”

Five other states–Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming–already recognize the 2nd Amendment as sufficient justification for carrying concealed. And on February 13, Breitbart News reported that the New Hampshire senate voted to rescind their requirement for a permit for concealed carry.  

According to The Charleston Gazette, West Virginia senators voted 32-2 for passage of the bill to eliminate the permit requirement. Besides rescinding the permit requirement, the bill recognizes the age of legal concealed carry should be 18 years, not 21.

Senator Robert Kames (R-Upshur) said, “This is a United States constitutional right. The 2nd Amendment recognizes this inherent right.” Senator Charles Trump (R-Morgan) added, “This bill eliminates the crime of carrying a concealed weapon in West Virginia.”

The two “nay” votes on the bill were from sens. Corey Palumbo (D-Kanawha) and Ron Miller (D-Greenbrier).

Another Democrat senator–Mike Romano (Harrison)–voted for the bill but tried to change it to force West Virginians “to take a handgun a safety course before they could carry.” Senator Kames successfully opposed this effort by describing Romano’s push as a “backdoor licensing scheme.”

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4 thoughts on “West Virginia Senate: The 2nd Amendment Is A Concealed Carry Permit

  1. Hope they can get this passed in Texas soon. This concealed carry permit crap has always been a crock of shit. Glad we are finally exercising our 2nd Article Rights more now than I’ve ever seen before. Don’t mess with We the People! Death to the NWO!

  2. this needs to become an epidemic .. United States.. than fine its about time we do become United and every state drop their unconstitutional infringement and money grab for a permission slip

    its over jerk bags ,, gig is up

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