WH Petition To Ban 1st Amendment: The Right To Question The Media & State To Be Eliminated?

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

An absolutely disgusting petition to ban the 1st Amendment has surfaced upon the White House website. These Zio-Commu-Nazi’s will  stop at nothing to destroy America and Liberty. Whether one agrees with the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories or not, the right to express your opinion that Sandy Hook was indeed a hoax perpetuated by the US Govt to institute gun control is completely protected by the 1st Amendment. If these people have their way, it no longer will be.

Adolf Hitler would be so proud of what Barack Obama and George W. Bush and their predecessors dating back to the CIA assassination of JFK have accomplished. They’ll first have to take away American’s 2nd Amendment to have any kind of shot to take away our 1st.

To read or God-forbid sign the petition, please visit: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/ban-sandy-hook-hoax-websites-channels-and-videos/WkKmcGnG


Ban Sandy Hook Hoax websites, channels, and videos.

We urge you to make it an illegal act to use the internet to create, promote, or profit from any content that suggests that the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy was a hoax. This includes any content that suggests that the victims or their families were actors and/or that they are not actually deceased. This was a horrible tragedy. Numerous innocent lives were lost and countless more were forever changed. The survivors have to deal with unimaginable pain and suffering and they should not have to be subjected to such hurtful and harmful accusations, especially on their own memorial pages for their lost loved ones because these bullies are protected by their “Freedom of Speech”. These people should be treated and tried as criminals. That is the least we can do to honor these victims.

The mainstream media also appears to be ganging up against the 1st Amendment as Anderson Cooper proves in this CNN Sandy Hook conspiracy episode. It is clear that THEY are in all out panic mode as this disastrous false flag lie continues to unfold.


8 thoughts on “WH Petition To Ban 1st Amendment: The Right To Question The Media & State To Be Eliminated?

  1. Has this gone far enough yet? They are afraid of a revolution. Mexico and russia are just waiting for disarment. This country will never be the same. It will be policed. We will be fighting gangs of criminals. So many times in history has genocide occured after people lose their guns. Should i wait for someone in my comunity to invite me to fight or go gather people? I lay pretty low in my comunity and don’t know alot of people. We are gonna need militias everywhere in the 100’s. We can’t let the constitution die only 13 years from its 13 years from the 250th birthday.

    1. Hi, Shawn.
      Above, you asked “Should I wait for someone in my community to invite me to fight or go gather people?”

      You should definitely gather people, but I don’t think you should gather them to fight, because if they’re not awake yet, they’ll just think you’re a nut. You should first make sure they’re informed, by simply asking what they think of present political situations, and be ready to provide info if they’re still sleeping.

      If you discuss violence with them before determining whether or not they know what’s going on, you might have a brainwashed neighbor calling the FBI on you out of some deluded notion of doing their “patriotic” duty.

      Talk to your neighbors, and if you’re not very comfortable with doing that, hand out DVD’s that explain things better than you can. There are plenty of movies out there that can help with that process, and they’re not expensive.

      Look here: http://onedollardvdproject.com/

  2. these bullies are protected by their “Freedom of Speech”

    The fact that this petition refers to people who question media reports as “bullies” is telling in itself. I’m guessing that this is a test to see what they can get away with as far as legally silencing dissidents is concerned. I think the petition will get the required signatures (the White House probably only has to push a button for that to happen), and Obama will attempt to use this to shut down websites.

  3. JR..Good morning… the “Pick 7” movement is where a man picks 7 trusted friends and then organizes them into a unit for the purpose of defending their families and property. The operative word is ‘trusted.’ JR pass the word.

    My hope was that Obama would back down because of all of the resistance he is catching over gun control. However, it is quite clear that BO is going to forge ahead. He wants to change America into a Police State and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

    Obama’s larger goal is to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER. He is truly a sick individual. America is the last hope that is keeping the entire globle from sinking into tyranny. If Amerca falls there will be no restraining tyrants from pulverizing their populations into submission.

    I suppose this is where the rubber meets the road. God be with us. I have to resist. I am a man, a husband, and a father. What else can I do? I am so saddened for my wife and children. All they wanted out of life was to pursue their dreams and now their lives are in jeopardy and they are acutely aware of the eminent danger. My consolation is that they are not afraid and they will engage when the time comes. I am deeply and truly proud of them.

    This moment in time reminds me of how quiet the world becomes just before a firefight erupts. At first a wave of anxiety rolls in, but I remember always saying to myself, ‘it is what it is.’ Then I would gird my spirit and say, “Make them pay.” The birds suddenly leave their roost the world begins to move…steady….steady…keep focused….steady. The fight was over before I knew it.

    Win, lose or draw I am ready JR. Many of us here in New Mexico are ready and willing to do whatever it takes. Most of my friends are veterans and they are brave fighting men. What’s interesting is that all of them are saying, “For the first time this is a fight worth fighting. JR I know you are ready. Let us be strong, let us be steady. Thank you for your solid thinking, guidance and encouragement to all of us. Molen Lebe

  4. Banning the 1st amendment? Now they are using our idea of petitions against us.

    As far as the Sandy Hoax thing, I have been quite skeptical on how many videos have been recently released and posted as being posted months before. Some of them, I had not found earlier on google until someone else said it and posted it on the alternative media. Almost as if it just got posted, but pre-dated months ago. I sense disinformation going on. If they are changing the time and date of the posts, that will really cause problems with the accuracy of alternative information and will slowly make alternative media look bad or more crazy. I think that is their idea or tactic and now that I see this petition to ban the 1st amendment it seems to further enhance my little theory. So question everything, people.

    As always, “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction.”

  5. The information in this petition is bullshit. What about the 9/11 victims? What about the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing or the theater shootings? Why only the Sandy Hoax? Because they were children involved? Baloney! Their were children involved in the other shootings as well and you don’t hear crap about them. This is completely using our petitions against us and further proves the whole thing was a hoax and a sideshow for their elite agenda.

  6. Somehow, I get the feeling the WH will pay government trolls to sign up on multiple email accounts under different names in order to make their 20,000 signatures or more (their quota) valid and give Obama an excuse to use it through executive orders or something, since he likes to pick and choose which petitions to answer that suits his elitist agenda (since he has not really answered the secession petition after it has received well over 100,000 signatures).

    1. This is what Obummer meant by “transparency in (so-called) ‘government’.

      Their b.s. has become SO obvious, even Stevie Wonder could ‘see’ through it.

      Seriously, did anyone NOT see this (or a reasonable facsimile) coming?

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