4 thoughts on “Rare Footage of Ben Bernanke’s Childhood

  1. Hahaha!! Here you go, have some more printed money. And when you’re done spending, will print some more. Hell, it’s so simple, even a baby can do it. After all, money grows on trees.

    1. hahaha NC I told the bankers where i am from – when the bankers got bailed out – that I was told that money didn`t grow on trees when I was a pre-schooler. We all must know something that the politicions/PTB didn`t know – and we were just little kids and we knew that money didn`t grow on trees. Good one by the way Admin/TH from Georgia!!! Yep, that was a good one. Just goes to show that a damned dead president isn`t worth the paper it was printed on. There is a dead pres. on every peice of currency LOL. P.S. hey guys out there, when was the last time a president has done anything that realy meant anything for us guys? LOL

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