What Corporations are Funding Common Core? Know Before you Buy

Nashville, TN – 2nd Vote, the conservative shopper app, is proud to introduce two new issues of particular importance to parents concerned abut the state of education in America: Common Core and School Choice.

Companies like General Electric, AT&T, IBM, and even Taco Bell have financed the push for Common Core implementation across the country. By supporting groups like the Center for American Progress and Achieve, Inc., these corporations are pushing a controversial system that represents a major expansion of the federal government’s control of education curriculum.  

“At 2nd Vote, we believe you should hold your dollars accountable and know exactly where your money goes,” said 2nd Vote Executive Director Chris Walker who is host a media call to discuss 2nd Vote and its scoring system.

Who:                     Chris Walker, 2nd Vote Executive Director

When:                  Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2:00 pm EST

What:                   2nd Vote’s education issue addition

2nd Vote is a new resource for helping consumers make better-informed decisions about where to spend their money. 2nd Vote conducts extensive research on multiple issues to shed light on the various support that companies and non-profits give to specific issues that are important to those who follow public policy. The free app is available as an Apple, Android, Web and Kindle app. Follow 2nd Vote on Twitter @2ndvote and on Facebook at facebook.com2ndvote.

2 thoughts on “What Corporations are Funding Common Core? Know Before you Buy

  1. Well if they didn’t fund commie core, they’re funding gun control efforts, the southern invasion, stealing our resources, supporting the lies, or working on some other way to screw the American people out of all they have.

    It would be a lot easier to boycott the entire consumerist lifestyle that is the corporations’ & bankers’ bread and butter rather than try to list them individually, or boycott them separately. Extricate yourself from the herd population and all they’ve been conditioned to buy. From Kleenex, to paper towels, disposable diapers, poisoned food, cleaning chemicals and intellectual property. Tell ’em they can keep it all, because you actually need very little of it.

    All of their products suck, and most of them spy on you until they fall apart shortly after buying them. Move away from the gadgets, go low-tech, and tell all of corporate America to go screw themselves.

    So far we have Sioux Chief plumbing, and Hi-Point firearms on the good list, but it’s really hard to find any corporations to add. The fact of the matter is that they exist for the purpose of robbing you in the best of times, and now they’re seeing even bigger profits in the destruction of America.

    Stop funding America’s destruction. Boycott ALL of the corporations to the best of your ability.

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