6 thoughts on “What did Donald Trump just say?

  1. I only posted this for the comment at the 56 sec. mark where Trump says, “We must condemn white supremacy.”

    Wasn’t it the “radical left”, dems., antifa, etc. that were harping on white supremacy? Now coming from this guy. If there are any Trump supporters left after hearing this comment, well, they are beyond help, imo.

    Could the condemnation be the death penalty now that they’ve brought it back?

    1. I figure they brought back the death penalty to enforce Noahide, but since Chabaders are trying to destroy the white race anyway (while enslaving the black race, etc)….

      1. Wonder what they will do when they figure out the American nationals enforcing the common law Bill of Rights have brought back the death penalty too.

    2. It’s that so-called ‘white supremacy’ that’ll be the death of him.

      AND the stinking jews as well.

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