What Did Ezra Pound Really Say?

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Never has a man been so slandered and so misunderstood…a patriots patriot who was slandered, harassed, imprisoned and vilified by the Jewish power elites and their gentile lackeys. Ezra, a Jew, understood who was the destroyer of the gentiles and humanity. The Jews hated him and will eternally vilify the Truth. All great men will pay the price, their souls cannot be bought for 30 pieces of silver.

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All the people I was told to hate seem to be the bestest and brightest

“What Did Ezra Pound Really Say?” by Michael Collins Piper, Counter-Currents Publishing

4 thoughts on “What Did Ezra Pound Really Say?

  1. “In Pound’s view, the American government alliance with British finance capitalism and Soviet Bolshevism was contrary to America’s tradition and heritage: “Why did you take up with those gangs?” he rhetorically asked his listeners.


  2. Mr. Pound became a political prisoner because he spoke truth to power from his Italian microphone during WWII. One of his best friends, Eustace Mullins, continued his work until his dying day. These voices of truth are rarely spoken of in educational institutions.

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