What Do Doctors Think about the COVID Jab?

PPJ – by Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Many patients tell us that their doctors are pressuring them to get the COVID jab. The American Medical Association (AMA) claims that 96 percent of doctors are themselves fully vaccinated. So, if 9.6 out of 10—not a mere 4 out of 5 doctors recommend something, it must be “right for you.”

As far as I have heard, the message from state and local medical societies is “take the lead, get your shot, volunteer at a vaccination center, educate your hesitant patients.”

There is probably some person with an M.D. degree backing up your employer’s threat to fire you, or a college’s threat to deny your child an education, or some committee’s decision to deny your medical exemption. It might appear that doctors are all “speaking with one voice,” as the AMA constantly urges.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, Klaus Schwab, executives at Pfizer and other manufacturers, and the anonymous Big Tech “fact-checkers” all want you to get the jab.

In addition to threats, there are incentives: free French fries in New York City; free ice cream for unaccompanied children in Canada; or a chance to win a scholarship, a firearm, or $1 million. One medical association offers permission to attend a celebratory “happy hour” (drive there, drink, and drive?).

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) decided to check out the AMA’s 96 percent claim. We recall that the “one voice” has sometimes been wrong, and the four percent right.

It turns out that the AMA’s 300 survey respondents were not inclusive of all doctors. In the AAPS survey, nearly 60 percent of some 700 respondents said they were NOT “fully vaccinated.” Of these, 80 percent said “I believe risk of shots outweighs risk of disease.”

Both physicians and nonphysicians were invited to submit comments about side effects in patients that they were aware of. More than 2,500 did so, and these are available just as entered—no screening, editing, or fact-checking. They mention deaths, from heart failure and other causes; an amputated leg due to blood clots; strokes, paralysis, brain fog, emotional disturbances, and other neurological problems; intestinal inflammation necessitating removal of part of the small intestine; menstrual problems and miscarriages; “several episodes of sky rocketing blood pressure along with flash bang headaches,” never experienced previously; flares of previous auto-immune conditions; and much more.

A non-medical professional wrote: “All kinds of adverse reactions that The Media isn’t reporting. Doctors are being muzzled and threatened for telling the Truth and caring for their patients.” Another wrote: “It would require a book to list all the adverse events occurring now and the deluge of others that will surface in time.” One reports that her 87-year-old mother has had unrelenting pain in the injected arm. “Doctor trips yield nothing. The doctor does not know what to do.” Reporting that “24 year old healthy female has passed out 7 times after second shot,” a nonprofessional asks that with a disease with a 99+ percent survival rate, “Why get experimental shot in first place?”

Bad things happen to people all the time, and sometimes right after they have had a shot. The shot may have had nothing to do with it. But when there is no other explanation, and the reports keep piling up, responsible public health officials will investigate diligently. At some point a harmful program may be stopped, and a product, such as the swine flu vaccine, withdrawn. It might take a long time. It took 5 years to withdraw thalidomide, approved in Europe as “safe and effective” for all, after somebody noticed the connection to babies being born without limbs.

Remember that your doctor may only see pro-vaccine material and may suffer repercussions from an employer or insurance panel for not meeting vaccine goals. You might ask him some questions, such as what does he think of the first autopsy report on a COVID-vaccinated patient, who had spike proteins in every organ?

General good advice for life applies here. (1) Don’t fall for the hard sell. If you have to sign up immediately (before you look under the hood), or lose your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, alarms should go off. (2) Don’t take the word of the anointed “expert” on faith, especially when he won’t let others peek behind the curtain.


One thought on “What Do Doctors Think about the COVID Jab?

  1. As a retired MD. Something I rarely mention any more.
    My recommendation is that you tell the person encouraging, coercing, enticing you with a reward, or shaming you because you put others at risk, or because it’s your civic duty. That you that you will Only take one of the menu of 4 SCV2 injections….IF…and only IF.
    IF…they agree to take your copper- alloy encased heavy metal injection…First.
    The charge will range anywhere from 25 cents up to 2+ dollars depending on which injection is chosen. Many are currently rare or unavailable.
    It is administered percutaniously to be deposited intracranially from several possible sites.
    Bleeding at the injection site that will eventually stop.
    There have been extremely rare reports of pain at the injection site or elsewhere in the body. This is usually due to improper injection technique from the “provider”.
    Brain “fog”. Loss of Memory. Inability to speak. Loss of Vision or Hearing or both.
    Anosmia and ageusia. The loss of Smell and/or Taste.
    Inability to walk. Muscle spasticity.
    Paralysis, Strokes.
    Occasional rigidity due to muscle spasm that is usually very short lived.
    Blood dyscrazias, including excessive bleeding and/or blood clots.
    Severe anemia. Low blood pressure.
    Sudden difficulty breathing with extremely low oxygen saturation levels.
    Cardiac arrhythmias of short duration. Cardiac arrest.
    Reports of sudden death or, rarely, delayed mortality.
    Basically, exactly the same potential side effects as the injection they are encouraging or coercing you to get.
    And you have given them “informed consent”.
    The injection is Not Experimental or untested like the injection they are encouraging you to get.
    There is usually a very high level of “hesitancy” to get Your injection.
    They will usually cease encouraging you to get one of their 4 possible injections for SCV2 immediately.

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