What in the Hell Is Wrong with Socialism? An Australian’s perspective…

Stan Deyo

HOLLY COMMENTARY: The following, including the title, is from a personal friend in Australia. It is impossible not to see that America is headed precisely down this same path, spearheaded by Obama. Yesterday a site reader took me to task for making pointed comments about our not-so-wonderful President. It is hard not to be passionate, hence pointed comments, when a Country is riding a juggernaut into oblivion.

The author of this oped and I speak several times a week commiserating on how both of our beloved Countries are going straight into the toilet. America wasn’t on a terrific path pre-Obama, but he’s accelerated our demise at a staggering pace. Many things this author cites and has experienced firsthand Downunder are nearly in place in America. It is creepy deja vu-doo.  

The author’s observations are a rare look into our future. It’s shocking that many Americans simply refuse to see what is in front of their faces. Stan shared many times that he saw massive changes in Australia over the three decades he lived there. Most weren’t improvements. This article articulates much of what he experienced.

When I penned Fleeing Babylon two years ago, about whether or not to leave America and some pitfalls one might expect, this person agreed wholeheartedly though much was a pointed indictment of Australia. For the last 18 months we have hashed over where this family might move and leave Australia behind. They see only bleak times ahead and getting worse. It would be wonderful to have them as next door neighbors, but we wouldn’t wish America on anyone given her current trajectory. It would be vaulting from frypan to fire. Consequently, they are left with an unpleasant dilemma, as are many Americans… where can we go?

It’s human nature not to take a bull by its horns until after the animal fatally gores the victim. It is a sorrowful thing to see our Nation on the path it seems destined to tread despite many historical examples foreshadowing demise. Who are we to think we are any better, any stronger than the Byzantine or Roman Empires? Rome had the world by its tail, descended into debauchery and were led by treacherous snakes in government. Are we any different?

It is impossible not to be passionate when a Country you love is bound on a course of self-destruction. It feels like we are tied to a train headed for a destination we don’t want to go and with no way off the tracks. Our hands are trussed by the willfully blind and the greedy that demand their free Obamaphones and other entitlements.

We are reaping rewards of ill-sown seeds. Many Americans have turned their back on Christ, some twist the Constitution, bow to political correctness, let the wishes of few dictate the rules for the most, ‘tolerate’ unending White House scandals, and continue to elect self-serving politicians. The blows keep coming. Where is an end to the nonsense? In the meantime our Nation becomes more divided and hardheaded. Who will bend and who will break? To accent this train wreck, we may be stuck with freakishly flawed ObamaCare. Then we wonder, what the heck is wrong with America?

Talk show host Joe Pagliarulo wrote a year and a half ago that Obama is a great campaigner, but a horrible leader. Nothing has changed. His poll numbers bear that out. Unfortunately too many Americans bought his pretty promises – twice. Isn’t that simply astonishing…

It is our fervent prayer that this Country can survive his remaining 3 years. If you want to see where America is headed, read the eye-opener below.


Jan. 10, 2014
Name Withheld

We live the life over here and have done so for many years. But yes, I remember what it was like beforehand. When people didn’t have the dole (welfare), a central health system, family care (my family took in a young cousin at age 12 when her mother died), retirement plans (we call it superannuation), the aged pension, Workcover etc…. Yep, I can remember all of that. People had to manage, plan, be responsible and take care of each other if need be. If they couldn’t, the churches and charities stepped in. If they got sick they knew how to deal with most illnesses themselves. If they needed a doctor they went to the local doc who would treat you and either wait or work out some deal with you if you could not pay. And you rarely heard of people having heart attacks, mental illnesses or some of the exotic diseases that are around today. Nurses nursed – they didn’t pass the buck and they all knew how to properly empty a bedpan. And you know what… we rarely ever heard about anybody getting cancer. Honest. I never even heard the word until sometime in the late Eighties. I am sure people did get it, but not at the rate of knots that they do today. Blame it on stress, lifestyle, environmental concerns or whatever but the fact remains… there was a time when we did not get cancer. Now it is big business.

So, the rot probably started in the early Seventies.

I began University in 1973. My family was poor. There is no way I could have gone to University if I didn’t get a full scholarship. Scholarships weren’t just given away – they were academically competitive. So, if your family couldn’t pay Uni fees, the only other way to do it was have the marks to get a scholarship. Pay your way through? Work part-time? Not an option – Australia was still pretty primitive back then. Then, a year later we got free education. Socialism really kicked in then. Now every person and poodle can go to University and get a student loan to go and they don’t have to pay it back until their income reaches some outrageous amount. And we have Teachers coming out into the system who are illiterate. Something like 46% of primary (elementary) school kids are illiterate by the time they enter high school.

Ah… but we have free health care. Yep, you can go to a doc and then claim the cost of your visit back on your medical card. Not all of it though; and now we are taxed extra if we don’t have private medical insurance as well. There is still a “gap” you have to pay so a visit to a doc or a hospital will still cost you.

Waiting lists for basic services are crazy. Two examples… one friend needed cataracts removed from her eyes. Was told the waiting list was 4 years so her family rallied around and raised the $4,000 for the operation.

Another friend is an aged-care worker. She injured her back whilst lifting a patient. Because she did it at work, it had to go through the work insurance scheme or what we call Workcover. Endless medical appointments, assessments, appearing before a “tribunal” to ascertain if it was a genuine case… She is 53 and is walking around on a walker in constant pain. Upshot was… she needs an operation and has been told that to go through the Workcover system there is a wait of five years. The alternative is to pay for it herself.

Sure, if you rock up to an emergency room in the middle of a full-blown heart attack you will be attended to. If you turn up with broken bones, bleeding injuries or allergic reactions expect to wait – anything up to 6 hours in some places.

I once nearly sliced the top off my left index finger after an altercation with a serated-edged knife when I was cutting some almond bread (biscotti). There was blood everywhere. I decided I would probably bleed to death if I went the half an hour into town to the emergency room and then had to wait for attendance. I soaked the finger in the strongest disinfectant I had for 20 minutes then bound it all together with band-aids and bandages. I pumped myself with Vitamin C and other vitamins including Green Barley, took some Soluable Aspro (aspirin) and lay down with my hand on a pillow and my magnets all rigged up for pain and anti-bacterial and wound healing.

I can actually do this. Thirty years ago I could see where all of this was heading. I started to learn about alternative health and the greatest gift I have been given has been how to properly use magnets and I did a course back in 1998. I don’t recommend anyone fooling around with magnets unless they have done an accredited course though, because there are a lot of shonks (people who are questionable practitioners) out there and they can be dangerous if not used correctly. My finger is fine. I also once sprained my ankle and I fixed that in half a day.

I also treat my animals alternatively because even though we now have “Pet Insurance”, the Vets are nothing more than money-making sausage machines. And that’s another thing – in the old days we did not have Vets and people managed their animals perfectly well. You would be surprised at the number of people who are into alternative health because they have no faith in our “Socialist” system. I do not advocate everybody getting involved in alternative health because a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing for some people. But… in the circumstances, you can understand why the health food shops are such popular places these days and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

As for the rest of it… yeah, don’t you just love those highways and bridges built with inferior steel from China? We are so grateful because it gives the blokes who have to fill in all the pot-holes something to do instead of just leaning on their (Made in China) shovels all day. And dear me, we just hope we never see the day when one of those bridges collapses or those railway lines decide they are just too tired to continue. And the parks that no one uses all look so pretty and the national parks that people do want to visit are now getting closed off, but the Aborigines can hunt in there, the loggers can take the trees from there, shooters can go shooting in there and we’re all happily paying taxes so this can happen.

Yep, our taxes are so cool I think they are about the highest in the world. We have no middle class anymore. People who do earn a decent wage lose on average 45 percent in taxes and very few people will have enough to retire on so they will have to go onto social security. But only after they have sold off all their assets and used up all the money they have in the bank. That’s fair enough, but I believe the average person only ever has less than $10,000 savings and about $200,000 in superannuation (retirement funds) after a lifetime of working. And $200,000 is nothing if they have to pay off a mortgage or if they get sick. The answer? We’ve just been told they want to raise our retirement age to 70 years. More taxes….

And social security? It is set up so that people can milk the system. We’ll soon have generations of non-workers. So…. once the working generation goes and there are fewer taxes…. Ah, but it won’t matter because by then everybody will be off their farms and out of little towns and living in created communities in coastal areas because it is easier to administer infrastructure and services then.

China is buying up mines, farms and who knows what else. Bad things are on the wind. It’s called Agenda 21, folks, and Australia is the blue-print for the rest of the world. But hey, don’t believe me – just take a look at the mainstream media and you will see we are one of the best countries in the world to live – in fact, we are so good most people don’t know what to do with themselves.

What exactly is wrong with Socialism? Hard to pin-point, really…. I do apologise if this appears to be somewhat sarcastic; but it is hard not to be sarcastic when you see your country crumbling down around your very ears. Just go into any shop and ask a young person a question and then stand with your mouth open while you try and decipher what on earth they are saying…. And that young person will be one of the good ones – the rest would be most probably off indulging in alcohol-fueled and drug-crazed binges.

Good luck to you all – we’re all going to need it.

24 thoughts on “What in the Hell Is Wrong with Socialism? An Australian’s perspective…

  1. Missy, If I remember right, that Austrailian Scool Schooting was also a false flag event and the controlled media jumped in and demonized gun owners and caught everyone off guard so they willingly gave them up. Those that didn’t turn them in were swat team raided and killed. Like one of them that was murdered was Crocodile Dundee… Rest in Peace, Brother!

    1. smilardog, you remember exactly right! I do miss Crocodile Dundee, I liked him!:)

      “they” have been hoping one of these false flag shootings over here would have the same effect, but Thank God so far the people have fought gun grabbing, except in a few states.

      All I have to say is MOLON LABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The shooting that brought in the gun laws was at a tourist site in Tasmania.


      The gunman rose from his chair at one of the tables in the Broad Arrow Cafe,removed the AR15 and spare magazine from a sports bag, immediately killing Mr Yee Ng with a shot to the upper neck, and Miss Chung with a shot to the head.

      Swiveling on the spot and firing from the right hip, the gunman fired at Mr Sargent who was wounded in the head, then killed Miss Scott with a shot to the head. The gunman continued through the Broad Arrow, next killing Mr Nightingale with a shot to the upper neck and Mr Bennet with a shot to the upper neck, with the latter bullet passing straight through and hitting Mr Ray Sharpe in the head with fatal results. Next Mr Kevin Sharpe was killed by a shot to the head and was also hit in the arm, with shrapnel and bone fragments from the second intermediate strike on Mr Kevin Sharpe then apparently wounding Mr Broome, and possibly Mr and Mrs Fidler.

      Still firing from the hip the gunman swiveled and killed Mr Mills and Mr Kistan with single shots to the head, with shrapnel and skull fragments from those shots apparently wounding Mrs Walker, Mrs Law, and Mrs Barker. Again the gunman turned, shooting and wounding Mr Colyer in the neck, before swivelling and killing Mr Howard with a shot to the head. Next he shot Mrs Howard in the neck and head with fatal effect. The gunman turned back, killing Miss Loughton with a shot to the head, and wounding Mrs Loughton in the back. Moving towards the rear of the building the gunman shot Mr Elliot in the head, causing serious injuries.


      The above sequence is the best the forensic scientists could deduce from the crime scene and there may be small variations, but in the final analysis they matter little. What does matter is that at this precise juncture the gunman had killed twelve victims and wounded a further ten in 15 seconds flat, using only 17 rounds fired from the right hip. Such a staggering performance is on a par with the best combat shooters in the world, and two retired counter-terrorist marksmen ruefully admitted they would be hard pressed to equal such awesome speed and accuracy. Both agreed that attributing such a performance to an intellectually-impaired invalid with an IQ of 66 and severely limited cognitive functions, amounts to nothing less than certifiable insanity on the part of Bryant’s accusers. In military terms a fatal shot to the upper neck counts as a head shot, so for all practical purposes those who died during the first 15 seconds were killed by head shots fired with lethal accuracy from the gunman’s hip.

      1. There you go, now I remember! I should have looked it up, but Missy misled me first by saying it was a school Shooting hehehe I think

  2. I hear a lot of talk about leaving this country and where we should go. There is no other place to go because when the elites try to finish this conversion to the NWO all places will be the same. There will be no escape to the new wonder land.

    The way I see it is this is my country.I was born here and I feel fortunate that I was. I will not abandon her in her greatest time of need. If something isn’t worth fighting for then it isn’t worth having. I refuse to let my country go down without a fight. Those that talk of leaving can leave. Live or die at least I will know that I stood up for the lady that raised me.

    1. I agree with you Redhorse. When I figured out what was really going on in this matrix, I wanted to leave, but why? This is the land where God put me. My husband fought for this country, even though they were bankster wars, at the time in is heart he was fighting for his homeland and his fellow Americans. We will once again have to fight for this homeland, I feel sooner rather than later, but fight I will!

      There is a reason they call it the NEW WORLD ORDER, there will be no where to hide, it will encompass the whole world and I would rather be in a place that I know and am familiar with!!

        1. of course I can cook it is the Cajun blood running through my veins!! Beautiful, well that can be debated, okay looking, okay that I will take!!:)

          1. Cajun! Holy crap. The NWO has no idea what they are up against. They go down there messing with cajuns they’ll get their butt’s handed to them in a crock pot.

          2. Yeh I know I was born this way!!!:) Cajuns can cook! But man the food is not easy on the waistline! Hence the blueberry smoothie from smoothie king for lunch today! You know what is weird, Cajun men can really cook, my dad was a better cook than my mom, go figure!

          3. You two are just adorable 😉

            He loves you to death Missy, and if he says you’re beautiful, take it.

            Bulldog your a good man. You guys are great!

    2. Hi Redhorse,


      And miss the party!!!???

      This country is about to experience the most EXCITING times it has seen since the Revolutionary War!!

      Just think of it,… US,.. Our Generation,.. will have the opportunity to Reforge our Nation,.. Under God,… Indivisible,.. With Liberty,.. and Justice For All!!!!

      I wouldn’t miss the chance to part of that for anythnig else in the world!!!

      WE THE PEOPLE,… Of the United States Of America,… In order to secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,.. WILL eradicate the communist filth that has betrayed this country!,.. WE THE PEOPLE,.. Of the United States Of America,.. will hold the traitors within,.. and outside the gov’t responsible for their treason,.. along with the International Banksters,.. and ESPECIALLY their CEO,… the ROTHCHILDS.

      They will hang by the neck until dead,.. Dead,… DEAD!!!

      ALL of their wealth WILL be confiscated,.. put into our national treasury to be redistributed among us,.. the American Nationals, from whom it was stolen from,.. and used to rebuild our once great nation, back to its former glory as the Industrial Powerhouse of the world!,… SO HELP ME GOD.

      Who in their right mind would want to miss that!!???

      JD – US Marines – We The People,.. are just not as dumb as the communists hope we are,… and need us to be. They are about to have a very,… very,.. rude awaking.

      1. Amen JD.
        It is time to ruck up boys. Get ready.
        Ready on the left. Ready on the right. Firing lines are clear. Lock and load. Watch your lanes.

  3. I think that they even had gun registration just before the school shooting happened… coincidence??? I think not!!!

    1. REGISTRATION = CONFISCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hello Connecticut, you just registered your guns like weasels and next they will say you guys are mentally incompetent, then they will confiscate, because they know where they are, because you lined up to tell them!

  4. This is a must listen too broadcast ~ it’s only an hour


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