The Mother of All False Flag Attacks

grid ex iiThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

In the past 30 days, I have been privately approached by four high level media types with regard to the fact that President Obama  was planning on using a false flag event to take down all, or part of the power grid and then enact martial law under the auspices of DHS with the help of their Hessian troops, primarily Russian. These four media figures are people whose names would be recognizable. To various degrees, they want to break with their media controllers and get this truth out. It is safe to say that all four are on America’s side and are opposed to what Obama is trying to do the country on behalf of his puppet masters. The truth is becoming apparent for all who want to see it. Of course, the sheep will still go to great lengths to deny what is truly happening to our country.  

It Is Time for Straight Talk

I have been writing about various aspects of this scenario for 16 months, such as using the Russians being used as martial law enforcement troops. I began focusing on the power grid as a target in August/September of 2013. I first mentioned that Benghazi was the first real hint that a military coup would someday topple Obama. It is now time to categorize and review the events connected to the Grid EX II drill and the attempt to initiate a false flag event followed by martial law.

The Mother of All False Flag Events

For months, I felt like one of the few voices in the wilderness trying to call attention to what was about to happen. I took a fair amount of criticism for reporting on these events despite the fact that events were documented as well as could be when dealing with clandestine activities.

I had Jim Garrow on my show on December 22, 2013 and many of these claims were validated by the words of a 43 year veteran of being a deep-cover agent for the CIA.

Assassination Attempt on Jim Garrow

I might not have published this information about the very recent attempt on Dr. Garrow’s life, except that it has already been widely reported. While on my show, Dr. Garrow acknowledged that Obama did plan to take down the power grid on November 13, 2013 in the Grid EX II drill and initiate a brutal martial law. According to the Congressman Franks and my military sources, a power grid takedown would result in a 90% fatality rate following two years. Interesting, since the quoted globalists call for a 90% reduction in population.

                      The Military Saves America

I first wrote an article on the intention of this administration to use the Grid EX II drill on September 7,  2013. Dr. Garrow was  a three hour guest on my show on December 22, 2013 as he validated these claims.

I  came to understand that the Grid EX II drill false flag event was stopped as soon as it was announced that the Obama administration had brought the Russians and the Chinese into the drill. This is remarkable, since both nations threatened to nuke us over Syria and Iran. They are clearly our enemies, but are being treated as allies. However, their presence in the drill signaled that the false flag component of Grid EX II was no longer in play.

Then it was quickly announced that the Russians and Chinese would be first time participants in the upcoming RIMPAC war games. The RIMPAC war games are the largest war games in the world and have historically been war games that are designed to practice fighting against Chinese and Russian military tactics. Now our enemies are in the RIMPAC drill, which makes no sense. This is all documented in the bibliography listed at the bottom of the article.

I suspected that the RIMPAC forces were being morphed into an international peace keeping force. I just had this confirmed in the past few days by one of my insider sources. Here is where it gets very interesting. The UN Small Arms Treaty Ban calls for countries to use foreign troops to confiscate guns because they are more likely to fire on their own citizens. I was told that this is what RIMPAC is morphing into. We are going to see the use of foreign troops to seize American guns.

Dr. Garrow and I were brought together by a mutual friend because what I was writing was matching what our mutual friend knew that it matched specifically what Jim Garrow believed. The military is actively opposed the planned GRID EX II drill on November 13, 2013.

The Bifurcation Between the Military and the Administration

Obama has fired over 200+ command level officers. The conflict between Obama and the military is becoming a case of the immovable object meeting the irresistible force. Obama wants martial law to usher in his communist, NWO agenda. The military will not support the mass harming of American citizens. The military has already blocked a nuclear detonation in Charleston, SC., late last summer.

Some of the deposed military officers are planning a coup and a long term guerrilla civil war against the Obama administration, the DHS and their martial law enforcing troops of the Russians and the Chinese. A false flag event will precipitate this.  Jim Garrow and my two military sources are explicit in this point!

It is notable to point out that Senator Lindsay Graham, on the same day that Alex Jones reported missing nuclear missiles, said that “if we did not not hurry up and attack Syria, that Charleston Harbor would be nuked”. Graham knew something and it freaked him out. He was almost incoherent at this news conference. By the way, the military intercepted the nuke intended for Charleston and detonated it 500 miles east of Charleston, in the Atlantic and the Russians confirmed the explosion.

Obama has been thwarted. However, he is undeterred. There will be more false flag attack attempts with the purpose of subjugating this country under martial law.

As I said, Jim Garrow confirmed every bit of this on my interview with him. The first half hour of the interview, Jim and I danced around the topics. The last 2 and a half hours were explosive. Click on the above link to hear Dr. Garrow.

I have been writing about the Russians for a long time. They are here in this country and they will be used as martial law troops because Obama cannot count on the military. Because I was on to the truth that the Russians are going to be used to enforce martial law, I was brought on to the Voice of Russia show and interviewed about the coming martial law only to have the Russians discredit me on the website as being extremist for believing that martial law was coming. This was their intention all along. My message was dangerous to the completion of their mission because they risked widespread exposure. The Russians and their propagandists were covering their backsides because they know that the use of Russian troops to enforce martial law is true and they were trying to discredit me in an attempt to cover the truth. The interview played in Washington DC and New York and then in 38 countries. Here is the link to the interview I did with the Russians and the subsequent attack upon me following the interview.

I have written extensively on martial law and the use of Russian troops on my website. I have a video of Russian troops training inside of DHS vehicles courtesy of Sherrie Wilcox and her blog

The government plans to use stadiums and shopping malls as FEMA camps and I have written about this extensively. FEMA and DHS even practiced for this at Giants Stadium and in Denver where they took elementary kids, without parent permission to sports stadiums and then hired mock parents to beg for the release of the kids. This was clearly a desensitization exercise for the guards to not succumb to parental demands. It is one of three ways to draw parents into FEMA camps.


I have provided you with the means to start doing your own research. Do your own research by first  visiting the links in this article, including the bibliography listed below. Perhaps you will form different conclusions from myself, and that is OK. At least then, you cannot be considered to be a sheep. If you concur with these findings, then we need to be shouting from the rooftops in order to call attention to these facts.

The media attention that is now being paid to these events is significant. Mainstream media people are ready to break ranks with the purveyors of the corporate controlled message. The military is approaching rebellion and the public is waking up.  This adds up to the biggest civil unrest in American history.

The more attention we call to this, the more we can push this back due to the exposure. Perhaps, you should act like you like depends on this information getting out, because it does.

Partial Bibliography

Grid EX

Martial Law


11 thoughts on “The Mother of All False Flag Attacks

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Although there is no doubt that our Traitor-In-Chief, Barry Sotoro, would LOVE to finish the destruction of this country,.. stories like the one above by Hodges always seem to lack one crucial element: Any form of REAL evidence.

    I have heard multiple times that a nuke went rogue with no paper trail,.. but where is the HARD EVIDENCE to support this other than,.. other articles and interviews that say the same?

    I have heard multiple times that the US Military stopped Criminal Obama from setting a nuke off here in the US, but denotating it 500 or so miles out at sea,.. and that this has been “confirmed”,.. and also “reported” by the Russians. Really??? When,.. Where???

    I have heard countless times now,.. that Ocrapo was going to take down the WHOLE country with the GridEx-II exercise, but was again stopped just in the nick of time! (WHEW!!!,…..)

    Where are the “confirmation” reports,.. and the reports from the Russians which clearly state that it detected a nuke being set-off approx. 500 miles out at sea??

    Where are the seismic reports that show an unexplainable “sea-quake” of some kind occured about 500 miles out at sea right in the same location as this supposed nuke was set-off?

    And so on,.. and so on.

    From the above article:

    “I first wrote an article on the intention of this administration to use the Grid EX II drill on September 7, 2013. Dr. Garrow was a three hour guest on my show on December 22, 2013 as he validated these claims.”

    Response: No,… Garrow did NOT validate anything. All he did was parrot what everyone else had said,.. and then failed to provide so much as one irrefutable piece of HARD EVIDENCE to back up his regurtitated Fear-Porn.

    Hodges strikes me as bing just another John Moore,.. is who completely full of shit.

    HEY!!!,.. Hodges!,.. you want to have some credibility,.. then stop with 100% heresay,.. and give some hard evidence to back up your comments and contentions,.. otherwise knock off the Fear-Pimping,.. we already have something called the US Fed Gov’t (Enemy-Force-In-Occupation) that does that day in and day out.

    JD – US Marines – I just tired of all the Fear-Pimping,.. and all these so called, “credible” people who make outrageous statements,.. and then produce ZERO evidence to support their comments.

    1. I think that they have insiders in the military and government, and these people cannot use their names and they cannot divulge the sensitive paperwork. Once these people leave their positions or retire, then they usually come out with hard evidence.

      I agree it is hard to believe what they say without proof. I take it all with a grain of salt, I keep my eyes watching and my ears hearing. If they know in their heart what they are reporting is true, even though they cannot concretely prove it, then to me some of it is most probably true, maybe not all of it. All I know is he is saying it like he sees it, with what information comes to him. It is up to us if we believe it or not.

      Don’t be to hard on him, we are all at different areas of awareness, atleast he cares enough to publish what he believes to be true.

      My husband calls it fear mongering, I just say take it all in, see where it leads!!

    2. JD,
      Missy and I are always arguing about this crap. I cant stand when these guys put a date on “IT”, then say we stopped it by talking about it. I have noticed that Hodges, et al have been doing this more and more. They have great information most of the time, but lose credibility when they date things and are wrong. I read all of it and sort through what I think is likely to be possible. I just hope that the day they are correct people haven’t tuned them out and weren’t paying attention because of the constant fear mongering.
      I do believe that a lot of the active duty guys aren’t speaking up because of the fear that has been created after they have started relieving all of the top guys. I believe a lot of the “in the know” guys are keeping quiet and talking amongst themselves. I would like to see more evidence from guys like Hodges. A broken clock is right twice a day.

      And I resemble the hillbilly thing also. Just messing with ya brother. 😉

  2. It’s been documented that Russians, and other foreign troops, have been participating in these type of drills, regularly, for many years. It’s in the very Alex Jones video (Police State 2000, most footage from 1999) mentioned. nobody even knew who Obama was.

    I simply cannot fathom a situation where US troops would allow Russians, Chinese, etc troops to attack their own people.

  3. Just to be fair, I checked the part about a “nuke being set off 500 miles off the coast of South Carolina. And, there’s a possibility that it is true. There was a 4.5 earthquake off that coast on October 8th.

    Of course, the original story broke September 4th.

    1. I can search any quake no problem. I get crashes searching for this one.
      I also can screen capture but not this pic.
      I can post links but not this one. HUH.

      There is a 4.4 october 7th 2013 at 17:58hrs off the georgia s.carolina coast.

  4. One of the claims of “lost” or “unauthorized” movement of nukes has always made me laugh. In the little over twelve years in the Air Force I have had the unfortunate privilege of being stationed at bases that stored nukes. Nellis being one of them I can tell you ,no movement of nukes happens without great inconvenience to everyone. They are moved by full convoys that are locked and loaded and everything in their path is shut down. During inventory if even a paint chip is missing these guys get a woody and shut down the planet till that paint chip is found. The claims of a nuke off the east coast are one of those claims I’ve found hard to believe.

    1. I’ve also heard claims that the unauthorized movement of gold out of Fort Knox is laughable although I firmly believe the joke is on us.Authorization and authority have become relative terms in the face of a tyrannical government that rules the courts and courts the Zionist agenda.

  5. Has anyone considered that since many do not watch or listen to the lame stream media any more one way to keep the fear alive is to so called leak it to the alternative media. Then they are sure to get the fear ratcheted up because many who read the alternative news do not do their home work and count on someone else. Serves their lead by fear agenda perfectly.
    Unnamed sources, and other ghostly beings are always giving the alternative media the big scoop. And it usually turns out to be a big old pile of dog poo.
    If you are sure there will be another big emergency just prepare for what ever may come along. You need a shelter, warmth, food, water purification, first aid, light, defense and common sense. Or you can run around like chicken little whenever anyone leaks a big old scary story to the web. And soon this will kill the credibility of the alternative media, now who do yo think would like to do that?
    I doubt anyone wants to take down the power grid. It goes down on its own often enough. And Russian troops would rather make it home to their families I am sure of that. So I think this story is just a big bag of dear that someone want to give you. Refuse and get on with life its hard enough without this unsubstantiated garbage.

  6. Dave Hodges, once again, throwing fear at people with hearsay and no proof. Once again, he fails to mention the Zionists. Once again, he repeats the same shit and uses the same idiots like Steve Quayle as credible sources and even plays the anonymous unnamed sources in the military.

    Hey Dave, I have a source from the military. His name is JD! And he has more brains than 10 of you any day of the week. Was that so hard? What about your military friends? Oh that’s right. It’s a “secret”, which means YOU DON’T HAVE ANY!!!! ALL MADE UP!!! GO F**K yourself, Dave!

    The fact that you clearly choose to ignore the source of the problem and go after the symptoms and claim that the Globalists are many types of people rather than the Zionist Jews, clearly shows you are working for them and are nothing more than another AJ spouting disinfo. and fear-mongering propaganda for the Zionists.

    What’s that? I think I hear Bennie Yahoo asking you to come over and kiss his ring now. Dumbass!

  7. I am so glad to see so many people dissing this BS Alex Jones story. I used to guard nukes for the Air Force and I’m telling you this missing nuke thing is 1000000000000000000000% impossible. This is so retarded it is like me saying that my super top secret, high level military source told me that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Obviously everyone can see how stupid that would make me look and that’s how stupid Alex Jones looks when he tries to sell this BS story. I’m willing to bet that Alex Jones and everyone else that is spreading this retarded story have never served. If they had then they clearly wouldn’t be this stupid.

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