What is the most popular item on Ebay in your state?


In Arizona, the most popular item on eBay is flowers, in Wyoming it’s art supplies, and in Idaho it’s toys. Adorable. Here in New York, however, things get a little more real—our most popular item is firearms and firearm supplies.

This is what we’re purchasing, not selling, by the way. But on the other hand, do you really want to live in a state where people are buying up the nation’s supply of robotic vacuums? We’re looking at you, Delaware.

Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, even Florida Man is using eBay for Not Guns—down there the website is mostly used for the purchase of smartphones. Which, we suppose, could be related to burners.

The most terrifying discovery, however, may be Tennessee, where an alarming amount of people are buying dental supplies. The full infographic, released by eBay, is below.

Keep being you, Colorado. [via Business Insider]


4 thoughts on “What is the most popular item on Ebay in your state?

  1. “High end women’s apparel & accessories”?

    Wonder what percentage of that is for men (got a lot of that here, sick place).

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