What you should know about Princeton’s unapproved meningitis vaccine push

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Mass hysteria is reverberating throughout the mainstream media following a relatively minor outbreak of meningitis at Princeton University in New Jersey. As you may already know, officials at the school have responded to seven identified cases of the illness by considering a call for all students to be offered an unapproved meningitis vaccine from Europe. But here to bring reason to the situation is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM, who rightly points out in a recent blog posting that, like most others, this latest mass vaccination campaign lacks both rational thought and scientific merit.  

While only seven students at Princeton have been diagnosed as having meningitis since March, which was nine months ago, news reports today are awash with outrageous headlines claiming that an epidemic might be in the works and that this generally rare disease is somehow “sweeping” the Ivy League campus. Truth be told, seven isolated cases of a disease that does not spread through the air or through casual contact can hardly be considered an epidemic. But using such outrageously inaccurate language sure helps convey the type of irrational urgency needed to push an unapproved “emergency” vaccine.

“The infection occurs randomly and will not spread rapidly across the campus to other students,” writes Dr. Tenpenny, decrying calls by officials from Princeton, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to rush in the Novartis vaccine Bexsero, which has never been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The type of meningitis that has inflicted this small handful of Princeton students, known as serotype B, just so happens to be the most common form of bacterial meningitis. But there is currently no approved vaccine for serotype B meningitis, because the cell wall of this particular bacterial strain very closely resembles that of the brain and nerves. In other words, getting vaccinating against serotype B using the traditional approach would mean risking that vaccine-induced antibodies might also attack the brain and nerves.

Princeton meningitis scare a false flag terror attack to usher in unapproved Novartis vaccine

Novartis claims to have solved this problem with its Bexsero vaccine, which has already been approved for use in Europe and Australia, but not in the U.S. Without adequate safety testing here at home, it is extremely risky to begin dispensing this illegal vaccine, especially when no real threat of infection exists for most Princeton students. It is merely another case of the federal government and the mainstream media generating fear and panic in order to persuade the public to abandon all rational thought on the matter.

“The Princeton infections, now a media-hyped ‘medical emergency,’ would allow Novartis to push their new vaccine into the U.S. vaccination schedule without FDA approval, creating a financial coup for Novartis and giving the appearance of saving the day,” writes Dr. Tenpenny.

The CDC is also largely to blame for this latest case of vaccine madness, as the federal agency is now openly peddling lies about meningitis in order to scare parents of college students into convincing their children to get vaccinated. Though its existing literature states that college students are generally at a low risk of developing meningitis — lower, in fact, than their non-college peers — the CDC is now claiming that college freshmen have a more than seven times higher risk of acquiring meningitis, a bald-faced lie.

Instead of rushing to get the Bexsero vaccine, which would mean participating in what can only be called a medical false flag terror attack on the American public, Dr. Tenpenny recommends that concerned students simply get more rest, drink more clean water and avoid sharing food and beverages with their friends. She also recommends taking in plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D for strong immune support.

You can read her full report about this latest vaccine scam here:

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