3 thoughts on “What’s happening here then following the spooked women passenger we all saw?

  1. I bet some others are delighting in this chaos, this disruption of every-day life, sayin’ things like, “It’s working!! Our poisons and programming are working, are wreaking havoc on human beings. How wonderful!! Soon most will be so contaminated we can easily have them do our bidding.”

    But wait. There’s more…

    Many didn’t take the poison and with many more the programming didn’t take. What will you do with such an unruly bunch? I will tell you what you will do. You will be running for the hills!! But there ain’t enough hills to save yourself ’cause the “unruly” are comin’ up the other side of the hill, too. You are being surrounded. Enjoy your flight.


  2. YES INDEED!! Thank you Galen. They will be running for their lives……. WE ARE FCKG PISSED AND WE WILL KILL BECAUSE WE HAVE ALREADY LOST LOVED ONES!!!! FCKG PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!! They will pay ,, Im going to see to it, I have devoted the rest my life to fight till this ends!!!

  3. Also their JAN 6th FCK BS !! TOTAL LIES…. It will look like a kindergarten field trip compared to what is coming!! YOU OPENED THE BOX THAT CANT BE CLOSED NOW!! YOU WILL BE DEAD. I will die to get to you and kill you!!!!!!!!!!!

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