8 thoughts on “What’s happening in Australia in 3 minutes

  1. Great summing up, but why would he stop there? He reports that a Killing Machine is coming at us, but ends with “So, be prepared.” Could he not have told the people they are in the fight of their lives, the fight FOR their lives, and they have to come back with everything in them and physically fight this with whatever methods they can summon. The message the people of the world need to hear is, “FIGHT!!” Or be a slave and leave a legacy of slavery to your children.

    They want us dead. Can it be said enough? THEY WANT US DEAD!! This now is the litmus test for all journalists, reporters, bloggers. Are they only warning the people of what’s ahead or are they truly preparing them?


    1. if he also put it on tik tok the time limit is 3 minutes. i comment on lots of videos and it’s impossible to say all that needs saying in brevity. I confess if I read a comment and it says (show more) I rarely do. with the memory of a head of cabbage.. it’s hard to keep most people’s attention. and you can’t use the V word on any of their platforms.. you can’t find anybody out there who thinks violence is the answer. it’s all Pray Vote Peaceful.. which is EXACTLY what got us where we are.. ironically enough.. it IS violence that got THEM where they are. funny how that works. but that’s ok.. i have embraced it. I know what needs to be done.

  2. Really rooting for the Australian people to take their country back. Keep an eye on them. You wanna know what the plan is, they are the pilot program.

    1. Name the conservatives that haven’t taken part in trampling our Rights. raygun? bush(es)? chump? Don’t be fooled by the false paradigm of left/right, conservative/liberal, democrat/republican B.S. What exactly IS a “liberal”, anyway?

  3. Why isn’t Eric arming them ……..?

    Oh that’s right
    They can’t walk or drive across our southern border to wage war when it’s time

    Notice how every country is sitting back allowing this

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