Where in the World is Barack Obama?

It is now thirteen days since the election.  The affects of Superstorm Sandy are still omnipresent.  By proxy, the United States is involved in a couple of more wars in the Middle East as Israel opens fire on Gaza and Syria.  And let’s not forget the looming fiscal cliff.  Definitely a crisis on many fronts and where is our newly reelected leader?  Well, as predicted, he has jumped aboard his taxpayer funded air yacht and headed back home to Asia.  You know they love him over there.

Obama spoke to his people in Thailand yesterday, emphasizing the importance they represent in reference to the future of American jobs.  I guess they would be important seeing as how they will be getting those jobs as more of our industry is moved there.  Maybe they can make us some Twinkies.  Lord knows we need Twinkies.

Once again Obama is reaching out to everyone around the world except the American people, whom he will now ignore as they are further downtrodden, just like he did during his first term.

Maybe the people in Thailand can advise Obama as to how he should answer the petitions for secession piling up from every state.  Maybe they already have.  Maybe his trip is nothing more than an exercise in touching base with his international socialist cohorts to affirm that they will throw on the UN Blue and come to America to fertilize our soil.

I know those who actually fell for Obama Part II are very few and this is why he has to travel to other countries to draw a crowd big enough to make him feel significant.

Keep a close eye on the attention he is paying to these foreigners and then compare that to what will be his refusal to confront the American people as once again they find out that everything they have been listening to out of him for this past year of campaigning was nothing more than rhetoric.

And do you know what?  Pretty soon those who supported him are not even going to be allowed to cry foul to one another as the new international cybersecurity is enacted.

As I have said so many times before, those who have supported this international soviet insurgency are about to get exactly what they deserve.  As the socialists clamp down on them for their enslavement, there will be nowhere to turn as those who have resisted will want nothing to do with them except, that is, to take perverse satisfaction in their suffering.

Guns, bullets, and beans.  If you do not have them, you had better get them, as there is a name for those who fail to prepare, and that is victim.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Where in the World is Barack Obama?

  1. He sucks at the tit of the zionist elite, he is a Politician and that is what all Politicians do. It is called mothers milk for hypocrites and NObama leads the pack.

    Yesterday he was vowing that the US will fully support its great friend Israel in its time of attack by those stone age Palestinian terrorists hurling rocks while being bombasted by American hi tech weaponry. Notice how the poor innocent Israeli’s silenced the media in Gaza by bombing the news tower. See he realy loves America and wants America also to suck at the tit of the zionists and enjoy their abundant mothers milk for hypocrites. It is so easy when you learn to love Big Brother.

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t slip away to the little Bilderberg meeting in Europe the other day. Same with Hitlery. Do we even have a government present in the U.S. anymore? All I see are police. Can someone point me in the direction of OUR existing government? I really can’t seem to find it. lol

  3. he’s probably got Secret Service people combing the streets of Jakarta for the gay transgender babysitter who raised him there. When they locate him/her, watch how fast Barry races down there. As for Mrs. Frankenstein, she was probably given one overriding instruction before departing for Armageddon – no cackling.

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