4 thoughts on “How was this Possible in 1913?

  1. Well the version I read was that the Bankers had put the Government through so many wars, the government had to borrow money for to wage, that the US went bankrupt. The bankers basically took over and used the new slavestate for their own (family/tribe) goals.

    From that moment on it seems, it fought 2 wars to make iSrael from a dream to reality. The US had a cold war with Communism, that people capable of reason and logic could never fight without destroying the world their children would inherit. Cold war with an opponent that was behind the curtains controlled by the same tribe. All to give the fresh state the time to grow strong with the wealth extorted from that once free country (And the rest of the controlled world. Control asin if the words justice and fairness pop up in the UN, those nations walk out if not run out.). Now we are at the point, that that country doesn’t need America any longer, so it gave America a slow cancer, by extracting the lifeblood of the state in the name of free trade, and maximized profits.
    The rest of what now is going on is seemingly nothing more then minimizing the backlash from when the Americans find out the truth, and that they are homeless on their own continent. The rest of the world that bought into the Dollar scheme and hogged them dollars in their savings accounts, are going to be deprived of that invested wealth also.

    That is the moment the Feces will hit the fan.

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