21 thoughts on “Whiskey Drinking Woman, Nazareth

  1. I’m writing a new song…
    Its kind of similar…

    Its called..
    Vodka cigarette pot smoking puke and crap at the same time man.

    I’m sure its gonna be a hit.

    1. That’s the one…. thanks, Angel. 😀

      I have this movie, always good for a chuckle or two. 🙂

    1. Have the first movie ‘Up in Smoke’. Cheech is the quintessential 60’s L.A. lowrider… freakin’ classic, AND hilarious.

      Saw them live in Canada. 🙂

    1. My favorite line in the whole movie…

      “Arresting Officer: Sir, could I please see your license?

      Pedro: Whuut?

      Arresting Officer: Your license. Where’s your license?

      Pedro: It’s back there on the bumper, man!”


      1. This one too…

        “Arresting Officer: [after dirty look, of course] Sir, what’s your name?

        Pedro: uuhhh… Isn’t in on the license, man? Yeah, that’s it! Pedro De Pacas, man, that’s my name…”

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