The Word From the Trenches – June 23, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 6-23-17

24 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 23, 2017

  1. 77 now, 94 hi (OUCH!), 60 lo. Sunny… no CHEMTRAILS so far (saw only ONE all day yesterday).

    101 tomorrow.

    1. There is a white haze here, they have been spraying the $hit out of us, you can’t make out the details of the mountains its so thick.

      Its so obvious as well because there has been no wind to speak of, when its dust its brown, when its smoke from a wildfire its grey/black, this $hit is white and the humidity is so low it can’t be water vapor.

      1. “… they have been spraying the $hit out of us,…”

        That’s the norm here. Two consecutive days without is a rarity.

        Today’s only half over, though.

  2. I’ll have to catch the show later, in the archives. Still trying to calm down after a particularly infuriating day at the VA (didn’t think anything could beat last Friday. but this one did.)
    Last straw was at the end of the day when I was called a Liberal, Radical B$tch by VA Security because I said that I know our Bill of Rights and perhaps they should learn them… esp. the 4th Article.
    I simply did not want to have to go through the x-ray security/search for the 6th time in one day. I pushed Hubby’s wheelchair to the disabled end point, and said OK you’ve got it from here, Sweetheart. Hubby needed to speak to transportation…he was quite able to wheel his chair over there( less than 50 yards) w/o me, plus good exercise for his arms. I chose to sit by the security point and wait for him. They ORDERED me to go through. I said, “NO!!! He is fine, I’ll be over here.You cannot make me go through.”
    Last week was WORSE!!! They tried to ORDER me to wheel him to the Ladies Room with me! I explained that he had been in a Dental chair for 3 hours in a small room w/ no air and that he wanted to sit in the open lobby area with the TVs and get some air. “NO! You Must Take Him With YOU.” When I said, “NO!!! I Don’t HAVE TO!!! I Will NOT!!!” and stormed away to a different ladies room, you should have seen the nincompoop fumbling around his pistol,( as if that would intimidate me LMAO).
    What I would give for a Doobie right now. LOL
    Oh, and this is GAY PRIDE weekend in my neighborhood (they’re already blocking off the streets for the Parade and Festivities)…OH, BOY(Girl, HE/SHE, WHATEVER)!!!!

      1. Hey Mark….
        The word on the street says someone needs a roommate.

        It would work out perfect…

        1.) Your never hardly there.
        2. ) It’s cheaper than storage.
        3.) You both hate each other.
        4.) You have a semi truck.

        Just like being married for most folks .

        Only thing is…
        You can’t shoot each other.

        In fact…I need a roommate too..
        Only thing is….
        They have to be willing to crap in a home depot bucket until I get my indoor plumbing connected.
        Plus they have to enjoy killing sh!t.

        I wonder if I post that on Craigslist if I get any hits.

        Oh I forgot…
        You have to smoke weed and drink everyday.

        1. My company would never get me to Oregon. Maybe, once a year. They want me on the east coast.

          I’m in Vegas all the time. Well every couple of months.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this Angel.

      It troubles me.

      But I still have to try and look at the bright side.

      The VA called me a couple of years ago and said my spook uncle that worked at area 51 was dead.

      Well they were dead wrong.
      Fkng amateurs.

      I hope things lighten up for you.

      God bless your furry heart.

    2. “Oh, and this is GAY PRIDE weekend in my neighborhood (they’re already blocking off the streets for the Parade and Festivities)”

      Where’s the ‘Boston Bomber’ when you really need him.

      Sorry for all the bullsh#t you have to go through there, Angel. ALL so-called ‘government’ facilities suck these days.

      1. My dad was born 1916. When he said gay, he meant happy.
        That is what it means.
        I won’t let a flock of freaks change words.
        They do it anyway.
        F#@K THEM! 🙂

        1. Even a decade was called gay.

          Remember the ‘gay nineties’ (1890s, NOT 1990s)? Had absolutely nothing to do with fagness.

    3. Hey Angel. Wish Digger was still around. Would love to hear his opinion of your experience at the V.A.
      Better yet, wouldn’t it be something to see him take them on face to face. I bet they’d run for a safe space, which wouldn’t do them a bit of good.

      carry on sis


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