$1.5 million paid in settlement over Michael Brown’s death


ST. LOUIS (AP/KMOV.com) — A federal judge on Tuesday approved a settlement in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the parents of Michael Brown.

Friday, the City of Ferguson told News 4 it confirmed that $1.5 million “was paid by its insurance carrier on behalf of multiple defendants.”

Michael Brown Sr. and Lezley McSpadden sued the city, former Police Chief Tom Jackson and former police officer Darren Wilson in 2015. They argued that the death of their son deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages.  

Their lawsuit also described the police culture in Ferguson as hostile to black residents, and said Wilson used excessive and unreasonable force in fatally shooting Brown during an Aug. 9, 2014, confrontation on a street.

Ferguson, Jackson and Wilson denied the allegations.

Wilson was cleared of wrongdoing, but the shooting led to sometimes violent unrest in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb. Wilson resigned from the police force in November 2014, soon after a St. Louis County grand jury announced he would not be indicted. The U.S. Department of Justice also found no grounds to prosecute Wilson.

But the investigation led to a Justice Department lawsuit over racially biased police and court practices. A settlement calls for significant changes in operations, including sensitivity training for officers, adoption of community policing techniques, court reforms and other measures.

The process is expected to cost more than $2 million and could take years.

Webber’s three-page ruling discloses nothing about the settlement amount, but said it is “fair and reasonable compensation for this wrongful death claim and is in the best interests of each Plaintiff,” with the money to be split between Michael Brown Sr. and McSpadden.

Webber also wrote that the agreement “shall remain sealed by this Court and shall be considered a closed record” because disclosure of the information “could jeopardize the safety of individuals involved in this matter, whether as witnesses, parties, or investigators.” He did not elaborate.

Settlements involving public money and public entities such as cities are typically open under Missouri law, but Webber wrote that the value of opening the record “is outweighed by the adverse impact to Plaintiffs.”


10 thoughts on “$1.5 million paid in settlement over Michael Brown’s death

  1. Seriously? These idiots folded that easily? As if Michael “dindu nuffin” Brown would have ever earned a living at a real, tax paying job. More likely he would have ended up as a “guest” of the state of Missouri. The reason the judgement is sealed is that the public out cry over these scumbags getting a dime would force some politicians out of office, most likely.

    1. ” As if Michael “dindu nuffin” Brown would have ever earned a living at a real, tax paying job.”

      Real paying jobs does NOT equal paying taxes.

    2. Had Michael Brown lived, it’s very possible he would have never amounted to much. Who knows? But anyone who doesn’t become a pig enforcer is a step above Darren Wilson and his ilk. The latter make their living by trying to enforce public obedience to sleazy politicians and bureaucrats. They’re the kapos in the concentration camp America is becoming.

      Gangsta thugs (supposing that’s what Michael Brown was) can pose a threat to our safety, but it’s a minor threat as long as we’re armed. The politicians’ armed enforcer pigs pose a threat to our freedom and our dignity, which are far more important than safety to any self-respecting human being. That makes the pigs the bigger dirtbags.

      Besides, gangsta thugs would be far less of a threat to the safety of good people if the System’s pigs didn’t enforce blatantly unconstitutional gun control in many parts of this country. F–k all law enforcement and its supporters in the US until the System gets a thorough enema.

  2. I really have to think about this.
    In a yin yang balance point of view.

    First off if Michael Brown had the last name of white.
    Michael White…
    They would have had a settlement of 2.5 million.

    On the other hand…

    The parents should have been fined 1.5 million for being shitty parents.
    Raising a feral son that robs stores and sucker punches a 70 year old black man and steals their SSI money.

    Did anyone see that video..?

    By the time the lawyer’s. ..doctors and special witnesses get paid off.

    They might get 250k.

    The world is a better place without him.

    His parents should be in jail.

    Yeah..I fkng said it..

    Now back to our regular programming.


    1. What does selling”singles” have to do with this article? My point is that if you are stupid enough to attack a cop, try to take his gun (unsuccessfully) ,and then charge at him, you are likely to get shot. And your family does not deserve compensation. I do not agree with what happened to Eric Gardner. If it’s such a slow day that the cops have time to hassle someone over selling single cigs for pocket change, there are too many of them. When the police get justifiably sued for misconduct the judgement should come out of their department budget and not from taxpayers or insurance. Fear of unemployment (cut management first) will straighten out their behavior.

      1. *** My point is that if you are stupid enough to attack a cop, try to take his gun (unsuccessfully) ,and then charge at him, you are likely to get shot. ***

        What makes you think it actually happened that way? Because a pig said so?

        Does it really need to be pointed out that US cops are shameless, satanic liars?

        How many times has some pig claimed that a use-of-force incident happened a certain way, only to have his testimony be proven utterly false when video surfaces? (Of course, he almost invariably gets away with no punishment.)

        Police in America are such lying snakes that they even lie under oath in court. Police slang actually has a term for that: “testilying.” It goes hand-in-hand with their Blue Wall of Silence.

        Cop culture in America is rancid filth, straight from the sewer. The subhuman scum are completely devoid of honor, honesty, or conscience. Yet you take them at their word. Why?

        At least we agree about Eric Gardner, though I say lawsuits aren’t enough for justice to be served when pigs take lives like that. They should be imprisoned just like any other citizen would be for the same crime. Failing that, vigilantism is justified.

  4. So the family of “Thugalicious” gets to live the high life courtesy of the tax paying people. Yeah, that’s real “justice” for ya! You betcha!

    1. That’s the problem: lawsuits like this get settled with taxpayer money. The money SHOULD come out of the pockets of the pigs who abused their position. The police pension fund would be a another good source of funds to pay the victims of police stupidity, cowardice, and abusiveness.

  5. Shoot all ya want…we’ll make more!
    The world is a better place without that shit sack. It would be an even better place without his parents, his family and everyone he ever met.
    I’m thinking that the white tax-payers who are stuck with the check should march, riot, loot and burn down colored town in protest.

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