White trucks showing up

I go by HolyDiver on bitchute and on youtube when not shadow banned which is 99% of the time.  I wanted to run something by you all on white pick up trucks suddenly showing up here in rural Eastern Indiana in the past year and a half.  I have had to chase off a few and they give me bullshit reasons why they are parked in front of my house.

I think these are FEMA or CIA “employees” and they go by cute names like Nelson’s tree service and the latest was Pig Solutions.  I am a very nasty 61 year old that is kind to nice people but the nastiest mother f-ker on the planet, when I see demons posing as utility workers, street workers, tree service etc. 

So just wanted to give you all a heads up for what I feel is a Trojan horse of morons wearing reflective vests, driving white trucks with flashers on.  I guess they think most will never question why they are here.  Like I said, I feel, they are FEMA, so I would like to hear others’ thoughts since I have no friends or family to run this theory by.

14 thoughts on “White trucks showing up

      1. Mysteriously, they never came back after last week…….it was 8:30 at night and i was NOT nice to that demon……if they were truly doing work, they would have returned.

  1. Yes. They have been here in Ohio all summer. They tend to be sitting on a side road parallel to an interstate. They sit there all day. Maybe monitoring CB traffic? Maybe some sort of sensor testing of vehicles on interstate? Wear green vests and a hat. Always in a more deserted area . If they were utilities they should be near a utility equipment of some sort.

    1. Yeah, these are coward sell out spies if you ask me………I’m going to rip these mother f-kers to shreds…….I’m done being nice….and i’m usually not very nice……lol

  2. Go and ask. Strike up a conversation. Interrogate politely ask for info.
    What’s the worst that can happen? They lie to you?
    At the very least, this lets them know that they are being watched.
    Watchers watching the Watchers.
    Awareness. Situational, Operational, Security, etc.

  3. If I may ask, what part of rural eastern Indiana? I’m in NE Ohio but have family scattered all over the east side of IN. I can ask them to pay attention as well.

    1. Oh, they look new to me…the last demon I had an “encounter” with, I was almost leaning in his window……as he got his “supervisor” on the phone…i guess hearing some fool over a cell phone was suppose to convince me?……….But it all looked modern…..new or close to currently new white puck up trucks.

    1. I don’t think they are targeting me….I think they are trying to “condition” the residents here, so when they see white trucks with flashers, for them to just think they are a legit business……….Contact tracers, disguised as tree service, utility workers, road workers, etc……

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