Who Brainwashed You?

Humans like to believe that their thoughts and actions are guided by their own, autonomous free will, and that their opinions are born of their own identity, personality, or knowledge. To a large degree, their self-esteem is a product of this myth, so they’re loath to think differently, but the truth of the matter is that much of our behavior and thoughts are easily controllable by others. The fact that you’re much smarter than a dog only makes you easier to train, and capable of performing more complicated tricks.

What all of us, as groups or individuals, perceive to be reality is our own personal “brainwashing”, or education, which when shared by others, is no different than membership in any cult, with or without the visible symbols often used to identify and/or unify people of a particular cult, or culture.  

Our perception of reality embodies our definition of how the world works, and our assessment of what’s right and what’s wrong. We expect certain standards of behavior among all people of our culture, and there’s an agreement concerning a body of knowledge that we all agree to be truth, or history.

For many people, reality involves a deity that has a guiding hand in what other people attribute to fate, to others that reality is unreal, and fate remains largely uncontrollable. That one variance represents a vast difference in how reality is defined, and either route is only a matter or what the person’s been taught, adjusted by what he’s learned since then.

And since the course of anyone’s life, his perception of the world, and all of his opinions are solely a matter of his education, it only makes sense to understand how we’re educated, or programmed, and by whom.

Our first educators are parents, whose behavior we duplicate, like ducklings paddling in a row behind their mother. What’s often attributed to “nature”, or genetic behavior, is simply imitation, and this is where our earliest political views and opinions are born.

After that, we’re “educated” by a school, or a network of them, and then further influenced by the “news” and entertainment media. Most of us simply believe what we’re told by these arbiters of truth, or knowledge, without ever questioning the veracity of the information. We assume that the college we attended exists as an esteemed bastion of higher learning as a result of their teachings being tested by scholarly review, passing those tests, and surviving all intellectual challenges.

We assume that the perceived competition in the broadcast media results in “news” agencies delivering truth, and any inaccuracies would be exposed by the competition, resulting in monetary loss or the failure of those privately owned businesses.

These are commonly held beliefs of American culture, but unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Media corporations may compete for viewers and ad revenue, but we’ve seen time and again that they’re perfectly willing, and perfectly capable of all collaborating to tell the same lie, and when their message is closely examined, what we see is not competition, but that they’re only marketing the same lies to different audiences, and that all of them are far more interested in distorting, and even fabricating “truth” rather than revealing it. In reality, out of all the things that transpire in a nation of 300 million people, we only see “news” that advances a particular political agenda, and that their “news”reports always omit any information that might steer you away from their political goals. Their “news” reports only exist to influence you in one way or another, but no media corporation is willing to tell thewhole truth, or even come close to it.

Your school probably had an extensive history curricula, and everything they taught may even have been true, but since the collection of knowledge we refer to as “history” is far too large for anyone to absorb in its entirety, how can you be sure that the most important lessons from history haven’t been overlooked or omitted from your education?

Since we do see this vast multitude of “independent news” sources regularly collaborating to tell the same lies, and since we do know that we cannot possibly have been taught the whole of human history, doesn’t it only make sense to examine what connection the “news” agencies share that allows them to tell the same lie, and who decided which small segment of human history we’d learn that allegedly contained the important lessons?

Well as it happens, we know what connection allows them to tell the same lie, and we know perfectly well who decided what we’d lean in school, and in fact, it’s all a matter of public record. The people who decided what you’d learn in school, what you’d see on TV or in movies, hear on the radio, or what books would be available to read in the U.S.A. and most western nations, all happen to be Zionists. That’s what they all have in common.

Before I continue, and before the cries of “anti-Semitism” abound, let’s remember that Zionism isn’t a race, religion, or ethnic group. It’s a real, and powerful political movement that’s been officially recognized for more than a century, and as such, it’s ridiculous to suggest that it shouldn’t be mentioned in polite political discussion. And no one should be given the “anti-Semite” label for discussing Zionism, especially since there are at least 10,000 Jews eager to discuss it too. If you feel offended, or are repulsed by any discussion of Jews or Zionism, it’s only because the Zionists have done a good job of “educating” you.

The obvious danger in having one political organization determining what everyone believes, or thinks they know, is that the control of all information gives them the ability to control a population’s opinions, and to a large extent, their behavior. It also gives them the ability to alter a nation’s culture by reinforcing new beliefs, especially when the illusion of competition exists between them, and their audience is led to believe that a particular thought or belief is held by most of the population.

The religious cults, the military, and some drug rehab programs use a behavior modification system that changes your environment, eliminates contact with your present support and/or social group, puts you on a low-protein diet, and deprives you of sleep while simultaneously drumming their new doctrines, or new mode of thinking into your head repetitively. That’s a quick and effective method of altering someone’s personality to suit your needs, but the conditioning Americans are subjected to by the media depends on more subtle message delivered from multiple sources over long periods of time.

In both methods the reward system (the treat you give your dog for his obedience) is based on acceptance in the larger group, which is something that’s very important to most humans. Whether it’s smiles of approval from your fellow cult members, or being held in perceived esteem for wearing the latest fashion, driving the fastest car, or verbalizing the latest version of the language, this tribal acceptance and esteem is an effective reward for behavior you want repeated in your human subject.

Regardless of which brand of brainwashing you choose, there will always be a small percentage of people who’ll rebel against the new ideology, and they’ll have to be excluded from the group to insure that a successful result is achieved in the others. Religious cults will expel trouble makers, and the propaganda machine will brand them as psychopaths, or “crazy conspiracy theorists”, who should to be shunned by decent society, and ignored in intelligent conversation.

And now that we understand that Zionists control all the information that’s available to Americans, and wield this power of behavioral control over most Americans, it also only makes sense to understand who these Zionists are, and exactly what their political organization hopes to achieve.

I don’t need to detail Zionist ideology for you, because their quest for a “one world government”, or “new world order” is well-documented, and has come straight from the mouths of the organization’s founders and various leaders many times over the last century. Again; this isn’t anybody’s theory. It’s their own public statement of their intentions that you should research for yourself to gain a more thorough understanding than I can confer upon you here.

What’s important to our immediate knowledge is that their plans for a “new world order” require the end of national sovereignty around the world, which will also require the destruction our Bill of Rights, whose guarantees of individual freedom and rights cannot coexist with their planned global tyranny.

When you’re researching what Zionism is, and what its intentions are, it’s important to notice their standard procedure of operating behind the scenes, and carrying out their goals through puppet governments. It’s also important to know the names of the puppet masters, because you’ll see their descendants carrying out the same plan that’s been initiated hundreds of years ago, and will culminate in violent horrors within our lifetimes.

And it’s important to understand how very few of them actually exist, despite the immense power they wield through the control of governments and economies. All Jews only amount to 1.6% of the U.S. population, and the Zionists are a smaller subset of that group, but that fact hasn’t stopped them from owning every major media outlet, every bank, and controlling our entire medical and education systems. That glaring statistical anomaly alone is all the proof you need of a Zionist conspiracy to control this country, and your mind.

First you’ll learn that the Zionists are not real Jews, as they have no ancestral tie to any “Holy land”, and no genetic relationship to the twelve tribes of Israel. They’ve simply adopted their own Talmudic version of Judaism for political reasons, and have been giving real Jews a bad name ever since.

Rather than being the persecuted people they claim to be, they’re actually responsible for the persecution of real Jews, and use Jewish persecution as a political tool to help achieve their nefarious ends. While real Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, it was Zionist Jews that funded Hitler, and the entire Nazi party.

Their other hidden political achievement is communism. You were taught to believe that communism was invented by Karl Marx, and the Bolshevik revolution was an uprising of Russian workers. In reality, the Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Mordecai Levy Marx, which name doesn’t have the same Germanic ring to it, and the entire Russian revolution was funded by Jacob Schiff, who was the business partner of the Rothschilds, which family now owns the Federal Reserve Bank, along with the central banks of most western nations.

After the revolution, Russia’s ruling communist party was comprised mostly (80%) of Jews, who immediately embarked upon the wholesale slaughter of the Russian population, as the communists always do.

Understand now that the “globalization” presently being pushed by the Zionist media is actually world communism, with these same international bankers pulling the puppet strings to make it become a reality.

Why would there be an ever-expanding demand for “alternative news”, and “historical revisionism” if the universally accepted sources of information weren’t questionable? It’s time for you to wake up, and embrace a reality that fits the facts, rather than continuing to accept a fictitious, media-created reality that makes you feel better because it hides the horrors you’re about to endure.  — Jolly Roger

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — James Warburg

19 thoughts on “Who Brainwashed You?

  1. Jolly, I do Christ, not religion. I study the Bible, not “religious doctine”…I know some that post here think a Christian is a member of a cult (and that some of my Bible quote comments bother some on here…too freakin’ bad!). So be it.


    2. D.L… I’m not talking about Christianity. By “cults” I”m referring to the Moonies, the Hare Krishnas, and similar groups that were popular in the eighties.

      I certainly didn’t intend to insult anyone’s religion (not even the Jews’), and I’m sorry if I did that.

      If the Zionists are calling Christians “cultists” it’s part of their endless attack on Christianity, and has no bearing on the traditional meaning of the word.

  2. That’s a good article JR. I took away from it that it seems like a really good primer to help some folks realize they don’t know what they don’t know and it’s been done to em on purpose.

    Hell, the more I figure out, the more I realize that there is more to learn.

    1. “…..a really good primer to help some folks realize they don’t know what they don’t know and it’s been done to em on purpose….”

      Thanks, tc… nicest thing you could have said, because that’s exactly why it was written.

  3. Great article, but there are many of us where the brainwashing doesn’t fully take hold. I’m guessing just about everyone reading this falls into that area. For me, I spent my youth rejecting the brainwashing, yet, it’s obvious some of it still stuck. So, I’m spending the remainder of my life breaking each brainwash mechanism. Ain’t that a bitch? They install the crap in 18 years, then you spend the next 60 or so freeing your mind from it. Insidious bastards!

  4. “First you’ll learn that the Zionists are not real Jews,…”


    “Real jews” have been evil scum since well before Christ’s time. “Real jews” were the ones who had him crucified.”Real jews” have ALWAYS been Satan’s minions. They’re no better than Zionist jews, no less evil (imo). All one needs to do is peruse the Talmud for confirmation of this.

    As far as who brainwashed me, that’s irrelevant as well.

    It was a massive FAIL in my case, obviously.

    “… what you’d see on TV…”

    This is THE best and most effective brainwashing tool ever devised.

    1. Yes, Hatr, you’re right by most accounts, but historical records are shady when we go back that far, and a lot of it depends on what one chooses to believe. (I wouldn’t trust the Talmud’s account of anything)

      Many historians of two thousand years ago blurred the line between history and fiction with some regularity. (I don’t believe Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves, for example, but Livy, who is probably the most noted historian of the time will report that as fact).

  5. Who brainwashed me…hmmmmm
    The Catholic church.
    My parents.
    The TV.
    Gilligans Island..Batman and Sesame Street.
    My teachers at school.
    Just to name a few.

  6. These conditioning techniques don’t work on everyone. If you’re reading this, you’re probably NOT one of the brainwashed, but now you have another piece of ammo to send to someone who is.

    Nothing I write is news to the people here. I generally try to awaken new people by writing stuff that tries to open their eyes a little wider. I hope it helps.

    Thanks for reading it, and I appreciate the kind words.

  7. Excellent article as always, JR!

    Reminds me of that Socrates quote, “The only thing that I know, is that I know nothing.”

    ……Granted Socrates was gay and had a gay partner…OOPs! I mean “significant other”. 😉

    Gotta be politically correct now. 🙄

    See here:


    Can’t wait to end this politically correct BULLSHIT! 😡

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