Why Are US Tax Payers Funding Mexico’s Southern Wall

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Every day we are told that building a wall along the southern border is racist, that building a wall won’t work, that building a wall is xenophobic. We look around the world and see a myriad of border walls and fences doing exactly as they are intended, protecting national sovereignty. These borders separate countries of different religions, languages, cultures, and races. Most of these barriers are constructed by countries to protect their national sovereignty, to protect their citizens, and preserve their economies. National interests that if failed to be protected would lead to starvation, infection, invasion, and in the worst of cases genocide. Yet for some reason in America, if you support national sovereignty and strong borders, you are considered a racist xenophobe. WHY then is President Barack Obama’s administration spending $75 million dollars of tax payer money on helping Mexico with its southern border wall?

The obvious answer is, we are helping the Mexican government stem the northward flow of central American immigrants who illegally cross into Mexico. Immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua who illegally enter Mexico with the intention of eventually illegally entering America. These illegal immigrants are often unvaccinated, uneducated, and in some cases members of extremely violent gangs. Mexican authorities are trying hard to protect their citizenry from diseases, violence, and economic hardship. These “helpful” efforts of our administration are detailed below by DailyCaller writer Alex Pfieffer

President Barack Obama has slammed Donald Trump’s proposal to make Mexico pay for a border wall, but his own administration is spending $75 million for border security on Mexico’s southern border. Since 2013, the Obama administration, through a partnership with the Mexican government known as the Mérida Initiative, has already spent at least $15 million helping Mexico secure its southern border, according to a nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report.

 “With U.S. support, the Mexican government has been implementing a southern border security plan since 2013 that has involved the establishment of 12 advanced naval bases on the country’s rivers and three security cordons that stretch more than 100 miles north of the Mexico-Guatemala and Mexico-Belize borders,” Congressional Research Service wrote in a February 2016 report.
 “The State Department has provided $15 million in equipment and training assistance, including NII equipment, mobile kiosks, canine teams, and training for INAMI officials in the southern border region. It plans to spend at least $75 million in that area,” CRC wrote.

The Merida Initiative, as our State Department refers to it, was passed in 2008 and is a joint effort with Mexico that focuses on organized crime across their national borders. It includes charging the American tax payer $2.3 billion (from 2008 to present) to help Mexico keep it’s citizens safe (the citizens who decide to actually stay in Mexico). Recently a portion of those funds, $75 million, has gone to strengthening Mexico’s southern border fixtures. While this obviously helps a little to keep Americans safe, one must wonder if $2.3 billion over 8 years would have helped our own enforcement efforts if applied directly and effectively at the border? Or might this be a costly effort by this liberal administration to appear to fight trans-national illegal immigration without having to answer to the pathetic and unfounded claims of “racism” coming from their own supporters?

US Department of State, Merida Initiative

Under the Merida Initiative, the United States has forged a partnership with the Government of Mexico to disrupt organized criminal groups, institutionalize reforms to sustain the rule of law and support for human rights, create a 21st century border structure, and build strong and resilient communities.  Bilateral efforts are being accelerated to support democratic institutions, especially police, justice systems, and civil society organizations; expand our border focus beyond interdiction of contraband to include facilitation of legitimate trade and travel; and build stable communities able to withstand the pressures of crime and violence.

So it is understandable that America should generously assist it’s neighbor with these efforts. Right? Since the Mexican government has so much respect for the sovereignty of American borders…

racist-wall-750Which begs the questions; Why do we have an American political party running a campaign that claims our country should not be pro-actively protecting our citizenry from these type of threats? Why do we have an American political party that values the “diversity” of trans-cultural illegal migration, over the safety, health, and economic well being of its own citizenry? We must make it clear to empty headed liberals that we will not let their desire for fugazzi diversity at all costs, jeopardize the security and sovereignty of our America.

Click here for detailed accounts from the Mexican government on how much money US tax payers give them to protect their citizens. Warning, it may make you angry.

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  1. “Why do we have an American political party running a campaign that claims our country should not be pro-actively protecting our citizenry from these type of threats? Why do we have an American political party that values the “diversity” of trans-cultural illegal migration, over the safety, health, and economic well being of its own citizenry?”

    Because it’s NOT an American political party to begin with.

    Does that answer your question?

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