Why Does the Post Office Need Guns and Ammunition?

Conservative Daily – by Joe Otto

Warning: This will put a whole new spin on the phrase, “going postal!”

The Post Office has announced its intent to solicit proposals for assorted small arms and ammunition.

Let that sink in for a second…  

Before a government agency or bureau is allowed to make a bulk purchase, it must first advertise the solicitation to a number of manufacturers and distributors. The intent is to force the government to choose the lowest bidder and prevent over-spending on goods and services. The Post Office is released a notice that it is actively searching for distributors fulfill a large order for small arms and ammunition. Why do postal employees need firearms? Your guess is as good as mine…

The timing is certainly curious, however. The Post Office’s solicitation announcement comes just two days after Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced a proposed amendment to a bill that would allow law-abiding citizens to legally carry firearms in Post Offices around the country.

The Post Office has been a “gun-free zone” since 1972 when Congress enacted the ban after a string of postal work-place shootings. In each of the 6 major shootings, it was not the average citizen that went on the rampage, but rather the Post Office’s past and present disgruntled employees! This is where the phrase “going postal” came from.

Somehow, shootings perpetrated by angry employees became reason to punish all law-abiding citizens. I know, it doesn’t make sense.

Now, Sen. Rand Paul proposes striking down the Post Office’s gun free zone law, and all of a sudden the USPS sends out a request two days later to purchase “assorted small arms and ammunition?” I didn’t realize law-abiding citizens carrying firearms would trigger an arms race!

Calls to the USPS have gone unanswered and the Post Office has yet to explain the purpose of purchasing firearms and ammunition. Yet, the United States Postal Service is just one of MANY non-law enforcement government agencies that have begun stockpiling firearms and ammunition.

The Department of Education has, for example, spent over $80k on Glock  semi-automatic pistols and over $17k on Remington shotguns, but that still pales in comparison to the purchases of other non-law enforcement agencies.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service have bought 72,000 and 46,000 rounds of.40 caliber jacketed hollow point rounds (respectively). The Social Security Agency one-upped them, ordering  over 174,000 hollow point rounds of ammunition.

Altogether in the last two years, non-military federal agencies have purchased over 2 billion rounds of rounds of ammunition (mostly hollow-points) for use in “target practice.”

Anyone who knows anything about firearms recognizes how stupid it is to use hollow-points for target practice. You see, this ammunition has only one use: to be fired into flesh. Hollow-point rounds expand on impact when fired into flesh in order to maximize the amount of tissue damage. They are self-defense rounds, designed to be used against people and animals. I guess that when agencies like the Department of Homeland Security claim hollow-points are used for “target practice,” that is just a euphemism for shooting other humans…

The government stockpiling of ammunition is getting out of control! The problems really are two-fold:

  1. The government is buying ammunition and firearms at a record pace that ISN’T even necessary. Government agencies have become so militarized that when the Post Office puts in an order small arms and ammunition, we are expected to just accept it. When the U.S. Army buys 600,000 Soviet AK-47 magazines for guns it doesn’t even use, we are supposed to just ignore it. Someone has to stop this out-of-control spending before it is too late! The government is buying up every bullet it can get its hands on because that means one less bullet in the hands of Conservative Americans!
  2. But also, there is a darker side to this. Most of the ammunition rounds bought by these agencies are jacketed hollow-points. The sole purpose of this type of ammunition is to be used against flesh, which begs the question: are Americans the ultimate target? Who does the Post Office need to shoot? Who is the National Weather Service targeting? Can we really trust the IRS with such firepower after they were caught targeting Conservative groups?

This isn’t a conspiracy theory and it isn’t hyperbole. The rate stockpiling of ammunition by non-military federal agencies is absolutely startling. Not only does it dry up the supply for civilians, making it harder law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, but it calls into question why government bureaucrats need such firepower to begin with…

The fact remains that these purchases must not be allowed to take place! The Post Office has no need for small arms and ammunition, and history proves that arming postal workers might be one of the most dangerous proposals EVER! And if postal employees must be armed, in clear violation of the post office gun-free zone law, then the ban on concealed carry must be lifted for law-abiding citizens as well.

This is really the ultimate issue. While the government has repeatedly told Americans they no longer need firearms or ammunition for self-protection, government bureaucracies have been stockpiling the very weapons and ammo the government is trying to take away from civilians! This ends today!

Stop this hypocrisy and put an end to the government’s dangerous stockpiling of firearms and ammunition!

Joe Otto


19 thoughts on “Why Does the Post Office Need Guns and Ammunition?

  1. I think they are laundering these weapons through these random agencies to put them in the hands of the folks that will attempt to rounds us up. The post office will probably need them when they try to register us after martial law. That is in the SOP. But the National Oceanic agencie is probably just a front purchase. Mark my words, they ARE building an Army to go along with the UN and Red Chinese that plan to kill people like us and subdue the fearful sheep. Mark says it best, “Buy more AMMO!.

  2. ” Why Does the Post Office Need Guns and Ammunition?”

    For the ‘postage due’ scoffers, obviously.

    Next question?

  3. Why Does the Post Office Need Guns and Ammunition?

    I like rhetorical questions.
    You like rhetorical questions.
    We all like rhetorical questions, don’t we?

    Obvious answer to all the Gov agencies buying the common types of ammo is to increase prices and reduce availability. Too bad this largely fails with multiple sites listing places current inventory, price etc [such as ammoseek.com]. Too bad I can only afford a pea shooter 🙁

  4. ” Why Does the Post Office Need Guns and Ammunition?”

    I guess there must be a lot of rabid dogs off their leashes lately when they’ve been doing their rounds.

    Either that or the government needs another public institution to order up ammunition in order to continue to prevent and starve We the People from getting them in stores.

    Next you will find the public utility companies buying up guns and ammunition if they haven’t done so already. Just wait and see because we all know those electric and water companies need that to read a simple damn SMART meter. Maybe if they didn’t put a hackable chip in it, they wouldn’t have so many problems on that issue. Either that or they are expecting someone to take over the power grid and water supply via civil war/revolution or take out the power grid and water supply via false flag operation.

  5. Silver lining here: This primarily means that ammo manufacturing thrives. That’s certainly better than putting manufacturers out of business with higher ammo taxes. Also, I assume those rounds do not have taggants. Someday in the future we’ll enjoy a bounty of cheap surplus gov’t ammo on the market, much like .30-06 & 7.62 x 39 today.
    By the way, I don’t buy the idea for a second that my mailman will become part of a Rothschild army killing off American civilians. My guess is that all the ammo purchases are intended for defense, not offense, after the coming deflationary collapse. Anyway, I think mailmen should have always had the right to pack just as much heat as they want, just like the rest of us should be able to do, but not at taxpayer expense.

  6. I will give you my view on why all of the federal purchase orders have been taking place. It really is quite simple. The federal goverment is undoubtedly soliciting all these purchase orders to agencies such as NOAA and USPS and PARKS AND IRS ETC, ETC, in order to hide or disguise or break up their purchases. See the thing is they KNOW A WAR IS COMING. Whether that war is instigated and propogated by them or whether that war is a result of enough American Nationals just simply saying we have had enough. Make no bones about it, that war is coming. So taking that into consideration, how would it look if the DHS solocited a purchase order for 10 billion rounds of ammo and 100 thousand armored trucks and rifles and guns etc etc. wouldnt that raise a TREMENDOUS red flag ?, being purchased by an already out of control agency (not saying flags havent been raised already) so what these s bags do is break up the order into smaller more explainable purchases dispersed amongst ALL THE FEDERAL AGENCIES. this provides with a smaller (albeit, still large) footprint and SLIGHTLY less flaggable to congress at least.One thing is for sure though, these purchases will ALL BE USED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. they are just stockpiling them around the country at strategic locations which they picked up on throughh illegal surveillance as to where the greatest resistances will be. ONLY MY OPINION FOLKS.

    1. Just adding another POSSIBLE reason for the massive purchases, although more than likely they are linked in some way shape or form already. They could also be protection for themselves because of an action or actions currently underway by the treasonous scumbags. Lets say for instance if a goverment was to knowingly, willingly and purposely spray their population with cancer causing chemicals from planes everyday, chemicals that slowly but surely destroyed your immune system and knocked years off your life and was poisoning their food, through front companies like monsanto, that would, in my opinion also prompt them to be making these purchases as well. Though as i said a few lines up, they are more than likely connected already in some way shape or form.

      1. Sounds suspiciously like ‘conspiracy’ talk to me, confuscious.

        I suppose you don’t believe in ‘global warming’ either?

        1. Please tell me you are aware of the Geo Engineering (chemtrail) program NWO Hater..? I will venture to say you were being sarcastic ?

        2. Global Warming ? Theres 20 inches of snow on my front lawn… And its -8 Degrees here… The only thing thats warming around here is my piggies in front of the wood stove.

          1. Those who know me, know I lay the sarcasm/cynicism on pretty thick around here.

            In other words, never take what I say literally (IF it sounds crazy, that is). Most of the time it’s not meant to be taken that way.

            Just my nature. 🙂

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