Why Is Bill Gates Still Alive?

This creature walks among our people in a cardigan sweater acting like Mr. Rodgers, while at the same time, is instrumental in the murders of millions of people? This sick genocidal maniac has seemingly been given the power to murder over 7 billion people and he still walks and talks among us?

How the hell does this happen? Are the Chinese really in control of the United States of these Americas? Does the 7 trillion they have loaned American bankers garner that much respect? Is the Chinese using Bill Gates as their own grim reaper?

Let’s look at the facts here, America is broke, we have zero cash, it’s all a ruse, jacked up with Chinese toilet paper to make our toilet paper look good. Bill Gates on paper is rich yes, in reality his shit isn’t worth two splintery chop sticks if the Chinese commie scum decide to pull the plug.

Bill the commie boy Gates is being told to clip 7 billion human beings, or his shit ain’t worth shit. Nothing else but the cash kids, that’s what this is all about.

The Chinese are using this asshat as their front man, a weasel who hides like a rat. How is it possible this steaming pile of human waste is allowed to even open his damn yap in our presents?

9 thoughts on “Why Is Bill Gates Still Alive?

  1. Him and a whole lot more mthrfkrs.

    The excrement is so thick, as in the elephant shitting all over us analogy of Henry’s

    Not much else to say, the NWO pulled the trigger and they all are nakedly uncloaked

    now will all the little so called good guys in costumes claimed to be protecting America and fighting for our freedom Continue following all the little commands and edicts if these naked sycophants?

    Of course most will…this is why, the enforcers of tyranny MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it!

  2. T-Rex arms Gill Bates is one of the most reprehensible, demonic, pieces of $hit this world has ever seen. Some look at him as if he is some kind of savior when in reality he’s more like the Wizard of Oz, a complete fake and fraud. This incarnation of Frankenstein needs to be tried in a Common Law court and then hung from a hemp rope for his crimes of genocide.

  3. I think I’d give Bill Gates and his accomplices, the total amount of his own vaccines and let them shrivel under a shower of all the chemicals they showered us with (chemtrails) in front of the world to see.

  4. Your comments are very correct. ..the vermin we are forced to deal with today, forever need to be exterminated… which is our responsibilty to clean up the mess they have left….. the world is going to hell in a handbasket.. Remember your BILL OF RIGHTS you’ll need it!!!!!!!!

  5. He’s got to be in hiding. Maybe living underground or something. He comes up on TV and runs his mouth… Not so sure that he’s actually walking among us.

    I think most of us would kill him with our bare hands if we saw him in public.

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