Why is Hillary so Bent on Becoming President? – Is it the Money? – You Betcha

When you’re as corrupt as the Clintons, only one thing matters, how much money you can accumulate in the shortest amount of time, akin to a Chicago gangster philosophy, get it any way you can, as fast as you can. The Clintons have become expert at the three card monte con, expert at hiding that stone under one of those three shells, which of those three corporate shells is that pesky stone hiding under?  

The last time these ignoramuses hid that stone, along with billions of other corporate stones, they came out looking like a couple of Greek billionaires, million dollar homes, private jets, multimillion dollar Manhattan pad for their corrupt as hell daughter and worthless Jew husband and of course that plush New York job given to the daughter, a payback for whatever evil deed the Clintons obviously gave some rich SOB earlier, probably given by a stroke of the pen.

Hillary is obviously setting the stage for a shell con game, the kind where you take in huge donations for the for her supposed campaign costs, taking in millions so she and Bill can live as lavishly as possible during the multiyear con, as she writes her multimillion dollar BS book deals, her multimillion dollar income on worthless speeches she will undoubtedly make, the GIFTS she will receive from the overseas likeminded grifters that will line her and Bills pockets, it’s all a con.

You want to make huge money fast? Be a worthless has been, running on worthless speaking points from a worthless previous campaign, and get rich doing it. No way in hell with these two grifters ever leave us alone, they’re here for the long run, and are going to get rich doing it.

Neither of these two clowns have any real experience at doing anything, except for conning the public and getting rich doing it.

American politics is a joke, no ifs and buts about it, just think about it for a moment, these two people are a joke, yet they’re allowed center stage, allowed to address the American people and have ZERO credibility at doing anything. When you step back and look at it, all you can do is shake your head in amazement. Two of the most worthless people on the planet.

Watch the money people; watch how millions will somehow end up in these two clowns’ pockets, pay close attention as we are going to be schooled on the art of the deception from two of the finest.

One thought on “Why is Hillary so Bent on Becoming President? – Is it the Money? – You Betcha

  1. Yep Mark, a 3 dollar bill from the monopoly board game would be worth more than that family.

    …And yes, I know there’s no such thing as a 3 dollar bill in monopoly, which goes to show you how phony and worthless she really is.

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