3 thoughts on “Why police beat an elderly man for jaywalking?

  1. It boils down to what’s in a man’s heart. If he goes into law enforcement with a “I’m gonna F’U up” attitude then that’s what’s going to come out in the end.

  2. Im waiting for the day when an event like this takes place, and there are 5+ cops bleeding from every hole in their body by the one they are attacking and those around him as they step up to the police state and hand them their as$

    its coming, or it dam well should be

  3. Police in my town are revenue generators and thugs. One of my neighbors even had a pistol stuck in his face with the idiot ready to fire for NOTHING! We need to start closing down police departments. They guy is wrong about the COP’s program. It is a waste of money. People need to support their local sheriff if he’s a good one and get rid of him when he isn’t. Most of all people need to pack heat. We are the law and order. If we leave it to the knuckle dragging police we will end up in a choking police state as disarmed slaves on a giant plantation. We need to reclaim the blade as it were before it’s too late.

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