9 thoughts on “Why you should never join a senior’s group

  1. Whoever came up with this idea was an idiot. And obviously these grandpa’s didn’t think this through. It could have been made safe by putting a pole on each end with a pole in the middle with a cable put in from end to end for them to hold on to. Otherwise when the end that hit the ground does that, it’s bye bye grandpa’s. That’s why they put ‘handles’ on kidie see saws! I’m glad that one guy on the other side got down and put his hands on this log because if everybody had gotten off then than log could have bolted back and done further damage to the legs still under the opposite side. At 65 myself I do all kinds of dangerous work but I think things through so I don’t get hurt and get the job done. I have to scratch my head after viewing this. Why would anyone have a cane with them unless you could use it on opposite sides of the log. But then each one of them would have to have the martial arts skill of the mature ‘grass hopper’. But, this looked like something akin to someone trying to save a drowning man. The ‘losing side’ was like dominoes falling/each one pulling the one next to him down. I assume these senior citizens weren’t former lumber jack log rolling champions who formerly had experience with balance. So, although it looks like a funny scenario, at the least, that was a game changer for some of these idiot players.

  2. I can feel the pounding on the ground of these fellas.

    I’m sure they were very sore for days and or nursing broken/sprained bones/muscles.

  3. All I can say is old people….are fkng dangerous.
    I know dealing with a relative with dementia.
    At what point do you have to put them in a home after they almost burn your house down in the kitchen a few times.
    Don’t judge them though….
    Because that’s gonna be you one day.
    Just try not to burn yourself on the way out.

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