Will World War III Reach Sesame Street?

Mitt Romney has stated that he will end funding for Public Broadcasting System if he is elected president and the uproar can be heard across our nation.  Truly amazing.  The NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022, calling for military arrests and indefinite detention for US nationals, is put into law, seemingly without any objection from the general population.  But suggest defunding PBS and immediately the people begin to organize in opposition.

A million muppet march on Washington Mall is being called for on November 3rd.  At issue is $445 million of government funding for PBS.  It is very interesting how different concepts are pulled apart and reassembled in double negatives.  The very idea of public broadcast is independence and freedom from influence.  I guess the thought here is that the government does not influence those it finances.  Do you believe that?

Many of us complain about the dumbing down and socialist indoctrination of our children, yet we are quick to jump to the defense of government sponsored propaganda.  Multi-culturalism in the United States has been pushed via the government sponsored Sesame Street for the past forty years.  And for those who would say it also teaches the children to count and spell, I would counter that I am quite willing and able to teach my own children how to count and spell while instilling in them my own social views and morality.

If you look at what it costs in the way of licensing and adhering to regulation to put up an independent broadcast, you will see a system of control from the bottom to the top, as this is a part of the entertainment industry, which is controlled absolute by the international elitists and more explicitly by the dual citizen Israeli-American cabal in the United States.

Broadcasting is not rocket science and were the airways not so controlled by special interests, every rural area around this country could be easily reached by privately financed networks.

When the cost of putting out a broadcast reaches a level beyond that attainable by the average middle class citizen, the content has to be considered controlled.  This is why we are seeing the alternative media of the internet pushing out the mainstream, and PBS is mainstream and is becoming more so every day as more and more corporate donors enter the fray through the backdoor.

Like I said in the beginning, this whole issue is just another diversion as I did not hear Big Bird speak out on the NDAA or any other issue of importance in reference to the condition I find my country in today.

Until we the people regain control of the power of our nation, all other issues must fall under the category of the proverbial moot point.  In short, we are looking at World War III and directing our outrage at a proposed defunding of Big Bird.

4 thoughts on “Will World War III Reach Sesame Street?

  1. Well everyone has heard of big bird, however everyone i talk to about the NDAA and 1021 looks at me like i just landed from mars.The word has not got out about it or they just don’t want to believe.I try to plant a seed and let them find out more on their own because if you push the subject it can turn them off and you’ll be looked at as a nut case.It’s hard to believe that so many people don’t even know what’s going on in this country and they do not seem to care.

    1. The kicker is, you won’t be around to say “I told you so” when the SHTF.

      But then, of course, it will be immaterial at that point, as the damage will be irreversible.

  2. As wrong as Mittens is on 99% of the issues, he’s correct here. The feds have no biz giving taxpayer money to PBS. With that $$ comes fed influence. If big bird wants to fly, get private advertising $.

    1. “If big bird wants to fly, get private advertising $.” Otherwise Big Bird will be subjected to TSA groping and molestation like everyone else. Scary thought. lol

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