6 thoughts on “Winged Warriors in the Midwest

  1. I have a pair of Bald Eagles living near me too (and they have a son this year). These birds are HUGE. Pictures don’t do ’em justice.

    I once saw them circling upward on a column of warm air. They stayed on opposite sides of the circle they formed, just floating upward in a spiral until they were out of sight. It was an awesome spectacle.

    Thank God they don’t eat birdseed or Scott’s would have killed them off too. I usually have a lot of crazy birds here, but they’re not here this year. It’s quiet now because the Miracle-Death people covered their wild bird seed with pesticide, and sold this crap all across the country.

  2. I talk to a pair of them every week from about 20ft away. They are captive. I always try to imagine them without feathers. It makes me giggle.

    1. There are a lot of eagles here where I live, both bald and golden. I watched two bald eagles fight one day. When their bodies came together, it sounded like humans going at it.

  3. I’ll be feeding my eagles this weekend. They love the “rough” fish that we throw on the sandbar for them. About 100 yards from campsite they will come down and grab a fish for lunch and back to the nest to feed the youngsters. I swear these birds followed us home 20 miles and would perch in and old oak tree to see if we had any fish left. We did feed them on a couple of their visits. When they would leave, we’d watch and they would be 20 miles away in no time soaring over the campsite once more. Their nest was about 1/4 mile from the campsite at the time. I’ve watched young eagles mature over time and they have followed my boat, dove down in front of us and snatched fish out of the water just to show off. I’ll see if I can get a few pictures of them this weekend.

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