Wisconsin Reports VOTER FRAUD, More Than 100% Voter Turnout! BALLOT STUFFING CONFIRMED

November 4, 2020

Milwaukee has reported seven voting wards have received more than 100% of registered votes from voters, helping Joe Biden steal the state.

They just stole the election in front of our eyes.

Full Redpill Media transcript:

Before we were all told to go to sleep last night
And before vote counters decided to take the unprecedent step in calling it a night
And stopping the count of votes in Wisconsin
Donald trump was leading the state by over 800,000 votes
Wisconsin was red
Americans woke up to a new color,
The color of blue filled the state of wisconsin on the electoral college map
And everyone was wondering how Joe Biden was able to garnish over 1 million votes overnight
At the same time vote counters STOPPED counting votes
Well, now we know
These ballots are illegitmate
They are stuffed
They are products of the eviliness and corruption of the left
We now know that seven voting wards In Milwaukee have reported higher voting numbers than actual registered voters
To make that very clear for you
That means more people voted than the amount of people who can actually vote
And that’s just Milwaukee
Thats one city
There’s thousands of cities like this across key swing states that trump is now losing
All while vote counters stopped counting the votes
So, who’s counting the votes?
Who is counting the votes?
They are stealing this election right in front of our eyes

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