Woman Watched Cops Kill her Husband at Walmart, Just Before They Took Her Away in a Stretcher

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Cecil County, MD – Late Friday night, in a well-populated rural town about an hour north of Baltimore, a Maryland State Police trooper shot and killed a man in a Walmart parking lot. Local and state police refused to comment on the matter or release the victim’s name when they were contacted by The Free Thought Project.

The incident went viral after a video was posted to Youtube showing the scene that developed around the murder just after it occurred. In the video, a woman who is seemingly a loved one of the deceased can be seen crying uncontrollably shouting that “You are a murderer! He was not armed! You killed my husband!” In one part of the video, she can be seen sobbing and punching the police car. It was later reported that this woman was subdued by police and put in restraints on a stretcher.

The morning after the killing, police identified the victim as 30-year-old Charles S. Hall, and the officer as Trooper Daryl K. Brackett.

In background noise of the video, witnesses can be heard saying that the police had already maced the man and that he had posed no threat to the officer. However, multiple different stories have already begun to arise from the scene, and no details of the case have yet to be substantiated.

According to police, Hall had a warrant out for his arrest because he failed to complete drug classes that were ordered as a part of his probation. When Brackett was at the Wal-Mart on an unrelated matter, he recognized Hall and attempted to arrest him, but Hall, understandably not wanting to go to jail, attempted to get in his car and flee the scene. At that point, he was shot in the head by officer Brackett.

19-year-old Maggie Repsher, one of the bystanders who witnessed the aftermath of the murder said that “I saw a woman on a stretcher in the parking lot and she was screaming at the cops. She was trying to get up, but she was strapped down.”

Many of the bystanders who surrounded the scene became angry with police and took out their cameras and began filming the situation, and rigorously questioning the illegitimate use of force. Eventually, police were forced to set up a perimeter around the scene with yellow police tape and pushed back the concerned individuals who were filming the aftermath.

The police and the mainstream media have attempted to sweep this murder under the rug, suggesting that the officer was justified in the shooting because Hall had a criminal record and because he was attempting to flee. Some reports have even gone so far as to say that he attacked the officer, but these accusations do not match what witnesses at the scene were first saying about the shooting.

The video which was taken just after the killing can be seen below:

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15 thoughts on “Woman Watched Cops Kill her Husband at Walmart, Just Before They Took Her Away in a Stretcher

    1. Headlines are a common rape of the language, but this one isn’t too bad. I’ve left these types of messages at investment watch dot com because they’re regularly horrendous, and it’s hard to figure out what the hell they’re trying to say.

      1. Back in the day JR, we had this editor of the local paper cover a story about the town dump. This local businessman bought it and the headline read, “Man takes dump in Eau Galle.” LOL

  1. Just another feeding day for the pigs. Oink, oink, oink! I’m a pig! I’ll shoot you in the face if I feel like it! What are you going to do about it? Nothing, I thought so, I may as well just continue killing people with impunity since no one’s doing anything to stop me. Oink, oink, oink!

  2. “….suggesting that the officer was justified in the shooting because Hall had a criminal record and because he was attempting to flee…”

    Sorry, but nothing in there justifies the cop’s lethal force. That’s outright murder, but that’s the way it is these days, and until Americans start shooting back, you can expect the murder, robbery, rape, and general abuse by cops to continue. None of their “superiors” are going to do anything but cover this crime up, because that’s who ordered them to behave like this.

    On an unrelated topic, anyone who wants the low-down and a lesson on our economic situation should listen to this interview:


    I didn’t even hear it myself yet, but Rafeeq has been spot on with all of his economic news and explanations, many years ahead of everyone else. He’s been consistently accurate, and informative, and he’s good at breaking down complicated economic principles and theory into layman’s terms. I never miss these discussions, and this one was just released yesterday, so it’ll be a good accurate look at where we’re going from here economically.

    (I know it’s off-topic, but I don’t want our crew here to be in the dark about the latest economic news)

    1. Did some searching on Rafeeq and some say he’s a crypto jew. You can probably educate me more on this as to whether he is trust worthy or not. I’m already aware of your praise of him which I regard coming from you. Any details would be appreciated JR. Thanks

      1. I guess anything’s possible, Katie, but I doubt it in this case. (sounds like someone trying to discredit him) That website (iamthewitness,com) and radio show were the first to expose the Zionist hand behind all our troubles, and all of their research on Zionism is right there. Rafeeq was exposing this stuff for eight or nine years now, and his info has always been on money. I’ve never heard any indication that he might be working for the other side.
        However… I do know that he worked as a financial analyst for the Bank of England, and that puts him right up there working with the head Zionists, but I don’t know why his employment there ended.

        I also know there was threats against his family because of his work exposing this stuff.. may have been more than threats, but I’m sketchy on the details.

        I trust him and Smith to be honest activists on our side. I’ve been listening to them from their beginning, and I’ve never had reason to question their motives. (and I’m always looking for that, too)

  3. Comply or die, it’s as simple as that! The pigs aren’t even trying to hide the in your face, overt tyranny with murder! They know they will get away with murder and they’re loving it!
    It will be very interesting as to what will happen to our neighborhood cowards, oops I mean cops, when the SHTF! They will have only themselves and the system to blame!

  4. And the cop will most likely just get a slap on the wrist and a 2 week paid vacation. Not bad for a rookie cop, huh?

    If you or I did that, we’d either be dead or never see the light of day. These bastards get a “get out of jail free” card or a “license to kill” card.

    Hope the cop rots in Hell! 😡

  5. Cops have been given the authority to arrest, nothing more. Get your local and nearest BAR members sorted out and this would stop very quickly.

  6. “According to police, Hall had a warrant out for his arrest because he failed to complete drug classes that were ordered as a part of his probation.”

    “… he was shot in the head by officer Brackett.”

    Somehow, the two just don’t equate.

    Am I missing something here?

    1. Hey #1, when I read $hit like this, I become embroiled with feelings of outrage. Yet, this a$$hole pig will walk, with a pension, when all is said and done when he deserves to swing in the breeze.

      1. who knows, now that the wife got a wake up call , maybe she will feel compelled to pay the favor back

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