10 thoughts on “Wonder why there is so little snow on these mountains for this time of year?

  1. No mercy , no quarter will be given to these jew bastards who are responsible for doing this to all of us !! I believe I smell Total Victory in the air !!!

    1. I hear ya, Grunt. This war’s going to start soon, and everyone is going to be sorry they pissed us off.

      We were patient, tolerant, understanding, and every legal avenue has been pursued, and blocked.

      We’ve been beaten, murdered, robbed, lied to, and we’ve suffered every imaginable abuse.

      We’ve been left no choice, and they’re going to regret pushing us this far, because we are going to win. Decisively.

  2. We’ve got rain predicted here for the next three days, Henry. Don’t know if it’ll make it as far as you, though.

  3. Was big Al right about the warming?,why do they call it a TV set when you only get one?,why are there no archives from Friday for TWFTT?,so many questions to ponder.

  4. F$^#k me, I remember throwing a fly line on the Umpqua and Rogue rivers when that wasn’t present, 20 years ago. God help us . . .

  5. Remember back in the 80’s when they introduced Strawberries that would NOT freeze at 32 degrees … that too let Pandora out of the box and contaminated the entire planet …

    See if your water freezes at 32 degrees anymore?

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