Working for Blue: The need to protect police

Fox 4 KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 is launching a community initiative called “Working For Blue.” This effort will work to raise money to provide free ballistic vests for any law enforcement agencies across local communities that have a need.

FOX4 is partnering with SHIELD616, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides top-rated vests and ballistic helmet kits. This means your gifts are tax-deductible. FOX4 has already identified a need of more than 500 vests around the region.  

More than half of police agencies in Kansas and Missouri have 10 or fewer officers. This makes budgeting to purchase vests, which cost around $1,200 very challenging. Vests also should be replaced every five years to guarantee effectiveness.

Many agencies also have specialized divisions like police chaplains, animal control officers, tactical teams, and more, that are not automatically equipped with vests.

FOX4 would like to change that. Help protect those who protect and serve all of us.

Make your pledge today by clicking or tapping here:

10 thoughts on “Working for Blue: The need to protect police

  1. I think they should all be without vests .. maybe they would learn to respect who they are supposed to work for if they didn’t feel so isolated and armored against those they repress

    vests simply embolden them

    silly me, just an idea

  2. I wouldn’t give a cent to those gestapo thug bastards! If they were on fire, I wouldn’t even waste a drop of piss to assist them.

  3. Anyone that supports this is supporting their own demise along with the murder and torture of their fellow Americans and the usurpation of our Bill of Rights.

  4. I get calls from time to time from police “benevolent” associations begging for money to buy vests for the piggies. I always tell no, not one cent for them, GFY.

  5. It seems they have misspelled R-E-D-S.

    “Working for the REDS.”

    There, that’s better. THAT is who pigs and mic stooges REALLY work for.

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