Worst American Governor Pat Quinn Urges Obama to Bring all Illegals to Illinois

Publius Form- by Warner Todd Huston

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has a great idea. He wants Obama to bring all the illegals to Illinois! In a state that sits at the bottom of every metric that makes a successful state–rampant unemployment, lowest job creation, highest debt, biggest pension crisis, worst business climate–Pat Quinn wants to import thousands of people who have no jobs and no prospects for one, people with no education, and people possibly full of diseases right here to the Land of Lincoln.

On Friday evening after the news day was done, Quinn announced that he is prepared to give as many illegals as Obama can spare a place to stay in Illinois.   

During the announcement, Quinn spokesman Grant Klintzman said, “If a location is needed we are prepared to aid the federal government in finding a suitable one.”

Apparently the Governor didn’t just make a fly away announcement, either. He apparently went right to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to insist that Obama spread illegals around Illinois.

This comes as Obama’s HHS is in the hunt for places throughout the US to dump these illegals. Indiana, for instance, has already received over 200 of them and many thousands more are waiting in detention centers in the south west.

But Illinois is probably in the worst shape of any state in the union. As friend John Ruberry notes, “ILL-inois has too many problems already. They include over $5 billion in unpaid bills, $100 billion in unfunded pension debt, and an unemployment rate that is much higher than the national average.”

I have a series of articles detailing how badly behind the rest of the country the State of Illinois is. The state is one massive failure and doesn’t have the giant economy of California to pull it out of its downward spiral even if it had politicians able and willing to do the pulling.

So, in a state that can’t even take care of its own people, in a state whose own social services haven’t been paid for in years, in a state with a failing educational establishment, the most lost jobs, the lowest job creation, in a state with the most citizens leaving… how is it that Gov. Quinn thinks we can accept thousands of illegals to live here on the dole?

Here is the latest list of stories showing that Illinois is the worst of the worst in the country, all thanks to the Democrats, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, and Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn:

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5 thoughts on “Worst American Governor Pat Quinn Urges Obama to Bring all Illegals to Illinois

  1. Has Quinn lost his mind? Or is his palm being greased by the Obama administration with promises of future promotion? I don’t know many working class people that want anything to do with these illegals, but they’re being shoved down our throats by arguably the most criminal government we’ve ever had.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Frank. They ARE being shoved down our throats, and the only option we’ve been given is to regurgitate the poison A.S.A.P.

      They may pretend to be concerned, but there will be no genuine help or sympathy from anyone in our government. We’re either going to stop the wet-back invasion ourselves, or give these bastards everything we own, starting with our children.

      The sick bastards streaming over the border were chosen to come here for their violent and sadistic nature (kind of like how they hire cops), and Americans need to prepare for unimaginable violence being delivered to their homes.

      make no mistake — these recent invaders are here to rape and pillage, and they’re coming here because they hate Americans.

  2. This is literal treason, is it not, and if it IS literal treason, then how can this be allowed/tolerated by the populace and they not demanding that those involved in the proliferation of the ILLEGAL-immigration catastrophe be removed-from-office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

    This is a serious question, and one for which I want a straight answer. The absolutely vast majority of people in our nation are EXTREMELY against what is happening, so why are the politicians thinking that the population is going to accept what is being forced upon them/us? I very strongly recommend that you all read the comments on various Yajoo? “news-articles” dealing with the illegal-immigration issue because around 95% of all activity is vehemently anti-ILLEGAL-immigration.

    I know that the zionist-cabal that has taken-over our nation and the rest of “The West” think that they can do whatever they want in any way that they want, but I honestly-to-God believe that this ILLEGAL-immigration issue is THE issue that is awakening people to the big-picture issues of what is being done to us better than any other single issue, today.


  3. And why aren’t the people ransacking Quinn’s home, car and office and taking him out back and beating him for high treason? Aren’t people angry enough yet? I don’t get it.

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