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The Worst Feminists of all time!

CommonSense Politics

Published on Jul 28, 2017

CommonSense vs Feminists

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4 Responses to The Worst Feminists of all time!

  1. flee says:

    I hate to break it to the ladies.

    But the worst female feminists have male genitalia.

    Probably larger than most men .

    Hey… I’m trying to be on my best behavior.

    Has anyone noticed I haven’t used any profanity lately..?

    I’m still on comedy online probation.

    Hopefully I’ll make it to the comedy halfway house and work release comedy group home.

    I just have to be a little more clever now.

    Without offending people.

    I’m working hard here.

    Somebody throw me a banana.

    Or I’ll have to let the trunk monkey loose.

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