WOW It’s Really Happening 🚨 America’s First 15 Minute City. Car Free Communities

By Wall Street Apes

“There’s a bold real estate experiment underway in Tempe, Arizona. Culdesac is the nation’s first rental community designed and built specifically for car-free living”

This brand new rental community in Tempe has all the amenities, fitness center, dog park, outdoor kitchens, but something’s missing. So there are no cars in this community at all. Isn’t it great?

Culdesac is the first community in the US designed and built specifically for car free living. Cofounder Ryan Johnson says the demand is strong.

Every generation and including 90% of Gen Z would like to pay more to live in a walkable neighborhood.

Retail, restaurants, and to start, nearly 200 apartments all within steps of each other. No cars means no parking spaces, no garages.

Because we don’t have residential parking, it opens us up to have 55% landscape space, and we get to add so much to the neighborhood.

Like social spaces around every corner. The complex is strategically located right next to the area’s light rail system. All residents get a free pass. Ask the first two hundred also get a free electric ebike, and a partnership with Lyft gets them discount rides.

I’ve been fine just going via rail Or just biking.

Juan Ramos, among the first one hundred to move in here, grew up in Arizona, but left because he didn’t like the car dependent sprawl. At 27, he just came back and says living car free has opened his eyes.

Frankly, for most of the apartments I’ve lived in for years, I’ve never even talked to my neighbors. I know peep like, that’s Pete over there, that’s Ben over there, and I’m like, that’s the first time I’ve said that.

Residents often gather near the retail stores, which focus on small businesses. Jada Stratton is moving both her HomeSense business and herself in.

It’s not as, like, affordable out here As it was a few years ago, you know, and having that opportunity to to live and work where you are and just have it as one, that’s perfect. Walkable neighborhoods are all well and good when the weather’s fine, but temperatures here in the summer can sit over a 100 degrees for weeks at a time. And that’ll be the real test to see if Carless Living can really go the distance”

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again

5 thoughts on “WOW It’s Really Happening 🚨 America’s First 15 Minute City. Car Free Communities

    1. I bet you’d be surprised , look at how many willingly sign up to live in communities with an HOA, and typically in my opinion those cookie cutter communities all painted the same with the same landscaping etc. look ugly to me.
      a lot of the population as of late are just so easily manipulated into doing shit most of us sane types would never dream of

      If i had it my way Id be living where no one else is

      1. I hear that loud and clear. And you’re right about the selling. I read these places are selling like hot-cakes. Very appealing to the brainwashed. I predict that a few years down the line we’ll here more of on the downside of these cement citadels, maybe things like emergencies that require a quick drive to the hospital, or the dying of a loved-one that one might need to rush to see. No car. Sorry mom, die alone. Well, for long now we’ve heard: “What the state giveth, the state can taketh away.” But it wasn’t the state that gave us automobiles; it was individual innovation. And how cool and efficient those engines of accomplishment were/are.

        And in this type of living situations you are often compelled into a social experience. On grumpy days you just might be greeted (20 times a day) with “Good morning. Beautiful day, don’t you think?” Yeah, yeah, whatever. Please go away.

        Trees are nicer than robots.


  1. How fitting a name! Culdesac literally means “dead end”. The French translation comes up as “ass”. These creatures know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Kill or be killed…

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