7 thoughts on “WTF! Florida Governor Signs Anti-Semitism Bill In Israel

  1. Well look at that, THEY controlled BOTH sides of the narrative, pro and con.

    And it MAY violate First Article Rights? What fantasy land does one have to live in if this doesn’t violate the First Article?

    And that kosher knob-gobbling traitor used OUR shekels to travel to its master to rub our noses in it to do it.

    1. Yeah, us payin’ for it is vinegar in the wound.

      I’m sure we also paid Sara’s $15,000 fine.


  2. Hanging is far too good for this treasonous POS commie jewb#tch.

    I’m all for burying the scumbag standing up with just his neck & shoulders above ground, then pouring honey on him and letting loose the fire ants.

  3. This is like, instead of invading your country outright, we’ll just move it over here. Well, at least we’ll run it from here. So c’mon over and we’ll help you write and sign bills and form your official policy. Just leave it to us. Or else…

    For me, this news is the worst of the DECADE!! A kind of last straw. Could it be a ploy to force our hand? Well, it’s working. Our hands are holding our defense. Still, the sting is deep.

    We’ll see what journalists are quick to report on this and which will ignore or trivialize it. None can hide now. This news should be going viral on ALL media outlets but we know corruption abounds. TREASON!!

    Henry’s broadcast today put the spotlight on this traitorous deed. It just might be enough to get people up in arms, literally. Traitors are uglier than arch enemies.



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