WTF? Teacher Arrested for Attacking First Grader for Eating Too Much at Lunch: “He Only Needed One Taco”

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And I thought the story of a nine-year-old kid getting suspended for bringing his magical hobbit one ring to school and saying he could make another kid disappear because that’s a terroristic threat was the dumbest story I had heard come out of a public school this week.

When that happened I had to ask, “How much more pathetic do public schools in America have to GET before they just start imploding from the sheer level of STUPID?”  

Well, now this has happened, so please add “horrible” to the list alongside stupid.

Via EAG News:

A Louisiana teacher is out of a job after police allege she kicked and slapped one of her first grade students last month. Chanel Lemelle, 31, resigned from her position at Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville last week as investigators looked into allegations she struck a student in the cafeteria during lunch Jan. 23, The Advocate reports…

“A sheriff’s deputy who reviewed camera footage of the incident wrote in an arrest report that as the student walked by Lemelle in the school’s cafeteria, she could be seen kicking him in the rear,” according to The Advocate.

“The video also showed her slapping the boy on the back of the head, the deputy wrote.”

Wow. Kicking and slapping first graders, huh? But just what kind of bully was this 31-year-old teacher?

Let’s read on:

Prior to the incident, witnesses said Lemelle yelled at the student “in a loud and degrading manner because he was not walking like he was supposed to,” and held the child back from the lunch line until his classmates received their food, according to the police report.

When the student returned with his lunch, Lemelle allegedly made the child sit by himself, then took some of his food, telling him “he only needed one taco,” the news site reports.

Surely this was erratic behavior for Ms. Lemelle. Surely this wasn’t something she did all the time or anything, right?

Witnesses told a sheriff’s deputy that it wasn’t the first time Lemelle was inappropriate with students.
They said she often brought an empty plate to lunch and filled it with food from her students.
[emphasis added]

Wait, she regularly stole food from six year olds? What?? Is this part of enforcing Michelle Obama’s new school lunch program?

Oh, and apparently—

One of the witnesses also allegedly found Lemelle in the hallway about a week ago with the same student she’s charged with abusing. The child was crying and Lemelle was yelling and “waiving a stick at him,” according to the police report.

Waiving a stick at him???

Wow. Just wow.

Back up. This woman literally brought an empty plate to lunch and would fill it each day with food she stole from hungry six-year-old kids???

I’m sorry, am I the only one here at this point who is picturing an orc with a lunch tray terrorizing children in a Pink Floyd’s The Wall-esque way while reading this?

Let me go find a picture of her. Oh, here she is.


Certainly attempted to fix herself up for that mugshot, eh? Who smiles like that when they get arrested for being cruel to small children? (Apparently this lady does.)

Yes, I’m pretty sure Pink Floyd foretold this one. Cue lyrics from Another Brick in the Wall, please.

You, yes you! Stand still, laddie!

When we grew up and went to school
There were certain teachers
Who would hurt the children in any way they could…

I mean, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat (or stand idly by starving while your teacher brings an empty plate to lunch each day and steals your meat)?

Again, these are six-year-old little kids who are brand new to the world and being taught to respect these people as authority figures — and this is how they are being treated? This woman reportedly engaged in this behavior regularly for a while. She taught there for ten years.

Lemelle surrendered to her arrest warrant on Monday, was booked on a single charge of cruelty to a juvenile, and immediately posted a $20,000 bond. She is apparently the daughter of a retired federal prosecutor who currently operates his own private law firm, so we’ll see how far this actually goes.

Still, at least the system is attempting to hold her accountable for her actions.

On the previous article regarding the terroristic use of imagination via a magical ring, commenter Marcus noted, “All one can do is teach their children to think critically and logically, and bring them up in the traditions of liberty. They will encounter institutionalized idiocy for the rest of their lives anyway, may as well equip them to fight it now.”

Good point, but can you imagine if this was your six-year-old child she did this to?

Considering the comments some of the parents left in the original story published in The Advocate, that lady would be wise to watch her back.

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5 thoughts on “WTF? Teacher Arrested for Attacking First Grader for Eating Too Much at Lunch: “He Only Needed One Taco”

  1. This co called “lady” looks like she should have eaten a lot fewer tacos, and allowed a growing child the food he needs to grow.

  2. How low can you go? Stealing food from 6 year old children! I am totally disgusted and appalled by this teacher’s behavior. She should be in prison.

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