WV Water Contamination Started Weeks Ago–Now It’s In The Ohio Headed For The Mississippi

Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

The chemical spill which has contaminated water for more than 300,000 thousand in  West Virginians may have started weeks ago, and there is a lot we don’t know. But we do know people are saying area water still burns their noses, despite the fact that officials say Charleston’s water is safe now.  

We don’t know how long the chemical has been leaking in to the river. Until consumers started complaining about the funny licorice smell, nobody knew anything was wrong. Even worse, activists are saying that industry actually had to develop a specific test to see if the stuff was in the water.

And while authorities are claiming the Charleston area water is safe to drink, a lot of people say otherwise. According to one blog reader:

It still burns people’s skin in Charleston as of last night, even after water restriction lifted. People left to suffer, companies pay nominal fine, and repeat.

Despite the fact that the the main stream media seems to be ignoring the national implications, many environmentalists and alternative media sources are sounding the alarm.

Look at all of the cities that are downriver of this spill. Charleston, Cincinnati, Louisville, Evansville, Memphis and New Orleans. Is this chemical going to pollute the Ohio and Mississippi?

2 thoughts on “WV Water Contamination Started Weeks Ago–Now It’s In The Ohio Headed For The Mississippi

  1. maybe it’s time to list the places in this country that haven’t been destroyed so a billionaire can make a few more bucks.

    They don’t care what they damage. They’re only here to suck dry the last of our resources before they retire to their homes in the south of France.

  2. It looks like they are taking advantage of this disaster in order to spread into other areas before doing anything about it. Sick sons of bitches!

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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