Yet Another Dog Murdered by Police in Lima Ohio: R.I.P. Lulu

Lulu (R.I.P)Cop Block – by Kaycee

On March 9, 2015, the Smith Family’s life changed in a split second. Around 9 am, Lima Police, and West Central Ohio Crime Task Force served a search warrant via a “no knock” raid with the Allen County Sheriff’s Swat Team.

According to Alexis Smith, daughter of the homeowner, and victim of this raid, the laundry room window was suddenly shot out, the front door was busted down and a flash grenade deployed. Swat swarmed the home, yelling at James D. Smith to cage his dog while swat held his family at gunpoint, telling them that if they moved they would be shot.  

James complied and attempted to cage LuLu, a very loving and friendly dog, when one of the officers kicked the cage and the dog took off running to the bedroom. As an officer took off after the dog, the others grabbed James and began to brutalize him, beating him as he begged them not to kill his dog. Alexis states they then shot the dog which ran, wounded out the broken in door, where neighbors witnessed her being shot at least 3 more times and killed.

Lima Ohio BrutalityAlthough he was already handcuffed and beaten, the police continued to hand out excessive force to James Smith. All the occupants of the home were arrested for being there. The 2 dogs that survived, another pit bull and a cocker spaniel, were taken to the dog warden.

Alexis says that she is so scared that she sleeps with a baseball bat. She states she is more upset about the loss of her beloved LuLu than anything.Lima Lulu

It is hard to comprehend why a man in full swat gear would fear a dog, especially a dog running FROM them. This outfit not only brutalized and terrified this family…..they took the life of an innocent animal that they loved, in the process.

America is under attack…..

Lima BrutalityResponsible Outfits:
West Central Ohio Task Force-Sgt. Kevin Litsey or Sgt. Godfrey 419-998-5533
Lima Police Department- Chief Kevin Martin 419-227-4444
Allen County Sheriff- Sam Crish 419-227-3535

James D Smith
Aaron Smith
Alexis Smith
Susan Smith
Toby Ruth Jr.
Brianna Blankenship
LuLu (RIP)

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Dog Murdered by Police in Lima Ohio: R.I.P. Lulu

  1. These “no-knock warrants” have to go. They were first instituted under the reasoning that drugs would be flushed down a toilet if cops didn’t surprise the culprits, but that reason doesn’t justify all of the people who’ve been killed or maimed as a result of this police-state tactic.

    Anyone who kicks in my door in the middle of the night is getting all the buckshot I have in the magazine tube before I even consider that it might be a cop.

    The only real reason for these “no-knock” warrants is to get the public accustomed to the idea of the cops breaking down their door whenever they want to, and now that that’s been accomplished, doors are being kicked off their hinges all across the country.

  2. My entire neighborhood is packed with dogs and I wake up VERY easily. NOBODY is getting TO my front or back door without my knowing it long before they can kick it in.
    My wife thought someone was in the house one night when I was completely asleep, yet at one word from her I was awake and down the hall simi-auto rifle shouldered in less then 2 or 3 seconds. She was astounded how fast I was awake and in combat mode. This was before WE got a dog.
    I grew up in some REALLY nasty places in my youth, fending off home invaders with deadly force at a moments notice is second nature. These raids are only “fun” because they always win and get to brutalize US. A few chages to THAT schenario and the thugs wont be so quick to go on these “fun” raids. Some of us are old, crippled and have NOTHING to lose in this type of encounter.

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