Your Children Belong to the State

Lew Rockwell – by Travis Holte

Not long ago, one bread winner could support a family, put the children through college, and have enough savings left over to comfortably retire. But then a funny thing happened on the road to serfdom. Suddenly there was a “sexual revolution” and before you knew it both parents were in the workforce, both paying income tax, both struggling to survive. And in all this, their children increasingly became wards of the State. How fortuitous for the oligarchs, hellbent on world domination?  

Which leads me to today’s news. In Nazi York, under the rule of Führer Bloomberg, a pilot program is set to begin in middle schools under the auspices of combating abysmal failures in such basics as reading. It calls for an additional 2 ½ hours of incarceration per day. I kid you not. While there are homeschoolers sending their children to college by the age of 12, the State is bamboozling the booboisie into thinking this will do anything but make their kids better Prussian soldiers. Not surprising, most tax-slaving parents, happy to have a babysitter, are “on board.”

4 thoughts on “Your Children Belong to the State

  1. In addition to practices like usury, we have specialized in providing tax harvesting services to despots for millennia.

    Passing on heritage, traditions and values to children reduces state tax harvests.

    In the collective you need as much influence over your children as livestock have over their children.

    Don’t worry be happy.

  2. All part of the zionist and masonic satanic agenda of one world communism. There will be no private property after the economic crash as all debt will be called in, there will be one thought permitted and tolerated which is the satanic communist religion where only the state and our dear leaders know what is best, children will belong to the community under the national socialism, the family will be seen as evil and corrupt. Good is Bad and Bad is Good that is the devils commandment. The playbook is being played to script. God help us!

    1. Bingo! The birth / stock certificate is proof of state ownership (of the corporate fiction).

      Unfortunately, tptb treat the fiction and the living ‘person’ as one and the same these days.

      The uninformed are blissfully unaware of the difference.

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