Your Vote Matters

Communism (committee socialism), fascism (national socialism), all monarchies, and dictatorships are forbidden by the 9th Article of American nationals’ Bill of Rights, as communism, fascism, theocracies, and basically all other forms of government that exist have to violate the Bill of Rights and common law procedures in their operation. 

Anyone who supports ANY OTHER form of government other than the peoples’ self governance through the common law, empowering them to create a limited government that cannot violate the Bill of Rights, is by definition a traitor.  You see, you can’t be a little bit for communism or a little bit for fascism, no more than you can be a little bit pregnant.

4 thoughts on “Your Vote Matters

  1. It is like being told I must choose between eating dog shit or pig shit, both of them smell and I am sure taste like like “Shit”

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