5 thoughts on “Zbigniew Brzezinski The Ruling Elites Remain Deeply Concerned about the Global Political Awakening

  1. the ruling Inbreds have had their turn, and they still have the money.
    my advice to them – STFU and GTFO.

    any further attempts at war or genocide will backfire in a very permanent way.

    1. I remember watching this when Alex posted it. There are Canadian Politicians in that gathering . These politicians are going to be held accountable . When more people (patriot’s) are willing give them a Lead Infusion if need be they will back off. Swine, Bird flu ,Sars ,Ebola. Henry, I state my Intentions to my so called authorities what would happen if my kid’s got injected with their genecide vaccine. Blessing to all at the Trenches. Geremia 16:16 The Lord Shall send hunter’s and fisherman , to deal with the VERMIN.

  2. I live ten minutes from where Canada is developing their Vaccine for Ebola. I wonder when I will be receiving a no knock entry from your cities finest in Edmonton.

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