114 warrants served across Maryland since ‘red flag’ law went into effect in October

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Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin believes Maryland’s new “red flag law” can save lives.

It gives family members, health professionals and law enforcement the authority to seek a judge’s order to take guns away from someone in crisis before they hurt themselves or others.  

“Law enforcement has been running into people having some sort of mental health crisis forever, however, we never had an statutory authority to take the guns away,” Popkin said.

From when the law went into effect in October, 114 red flag warrants have been served across Maryland.

It is dangerous work. On Monday of this week, while serving a warrant to take guns from a man in Glen Burnie, police shot and killed the man during a struggle for his weapon.

Nonetheless, advocates believe “red flag laws” save lives.

Lori Haas, the mother of a Virginia Tech survivor, says research shows “red flag laws” now in place in 12 states are preventing suicides, and possibly, what she calls suicides by mass shooting.

“We want people to know this law is available to them — family members, law enforcement and others need tools to separate a loved one from a firearm when they’re at risk,” Haas said.


15 thoughts on “114 warrants served across Maryland since ‘red flag’ law went into effect in October

  1. If anyone in your family pulls this shit
    You should have disowned them a long ass time ago
    The fact that this law and the actions of those following this law are traitors and userpers of our bill of rights and due process

    And should instantly sued out of every dam thing they own the second they sign someone up for this shit
    Heads should be rolling already

    I’m not shitting any of you all when I’ve said this is war before .. it’s Fcking GD War folks
    The fact these Red Coats ain’t been mowed down yet is very concerning

    Oh and this is my property , I own these Investments for my future , and they cost me a lot of money .. no restitution ? So it’s out right theft?
    Thieves get what they deserve

  2. I just wish I had more around me who were on-board. I see many buyin’ into the extreme background checks dictate, and the AR ban, etc. I look in their eyes and I’m thinkin’, “You’re the frikkin’ enemy.” I kid you not, and yes, family.

    Unlikely source, but she said this:

    “I am the only one who can come to my rescue.”
    — Carrie Fisher

    I think she’s got that right.


    1. I’m my family’s first responder
      A lot of awake people are counting on me being there for them as they are for me , but if some shit bag I might have once knew decided to play god with my ability to protect me and mine
      It’s fuking on!
      How many on here ever have a crazy Ex- or one that has a giant grudge to fill ? I’ve got such a situation in my past , and I have been targeted to be eliminated because I didn’t take any of their shit than ,and I’m not about to start now.
      So basically if I live through the disarming process
      I’ll be dead within days anyways
      Heck of a predicament eh?

        1. ps: It wasn’t an ex, but someone I wholeheartedly trusted and called friend. She turned on a dime. First and only time I ever ran across something like that and I hope I never will again. Crazy.


          1. Yeah after they would get me out of the picture
            I’m sure those the closest to me could be next
            The hate runs deep with this one and their group of followers
            My minor child basically called them out in court and through CPS( it’s a long horrible story )
            The death threats came hard and fast
            They know how fortified I am
            And know what I’m capable of , and that’s what’s been keeping them at bay
            But if some illegal law like this is ever passed in my state , I would not put it passed these thugs to try disarming me through this process to gain the upper hand
            I love how the local and state PD and Prosicuter turn a blind eye to the potential threat to me and my family
            They basically told me I’m on my own
            I already knew this , a gun on my hip is my only salvation I’m comforted by its constant presence
            I will never be disarmed ,I’ll go outlaw because at that point it’s game on

          2. EOTS

            if the prosecutor told you your on your own, then that prosecutor should be made to explain exactly what that means, if your threatened and you blow the SOBs head off, then your in the clear right??


            This prosecutor must be in favor of the second article right?Wonder how many people this so called prosecutor has shot and covered up??

            I’d be careful with this clown EOTS

  3. Hmmm

    Bush Jr. was 100% correct; As far as the government is concerned the US Constitution really is just a god damn piece of paper. Obviously the right of due process, never mind our inalienable right to bear arms arn’t really rights at all. In fact, all it takes is a simple phone call from someone holding a grudge and puff your privilege to bear arms is gone. Make no mistake, the Bill of Rights is anything but…………….

    1. Bush Jr was anything but a great president. In fact, he was a Jew loving traitor who deserves to have his treasonous neck stretched.

    2. Yeah, the King of England thought we were his subjects and had no rights but only privileges to those he chose to grant them to, and his goons making up the British Army thought the same. There was one there thinking it on Lexington Green just before a colonist shot him in the f-king face.
      Our rights are absolute and we make up the largest army on planet earth, so you might want to wait until there is an actual fight before you go accepting any eventuality.

      1. Yeah, eventuality is not inevitability.

        I see now that we MUST entertain this mind-set, a vision of victory. Too easily will defeatism ooze in and discourage.

        Thanks, Henry. Will keep my eye on the prize.


  4. The stupidity in this country is Unfrigginbelievable…….

    The Commie MSM making it sound like it’s ok also says it all.

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