4 Home Invaders Chose the Wrong Home – 1 Shot, 3 in Custody After Encountering Armed Homeowner

Guns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

Four teenage home invaders quickly learned they had chosen the wrong house last week in Clayton County, GA.

According to local media reports, the teens tried to break into an apartment at the Laurel Park Apartments on Highway 85 in Clayton County just after 3am on the morning of July 22nd.

The would be home invaders encountered an armed resident inside the home who opened fire on them, striking one of the suspects in the abdomen.

The four teens then fled to a nearby apartment where they called for medical attention. The armed resident also called police.

Police were quickly able to locate the suspects and take them into custody. The injured teen is being treated an area hospital.

Police believe the teens live in the same apartment complex in which the break-in happened, but don’t believe the teens and the homeowner knew each other prior to the incident.

The homeowner’s actions in this case resulted in all four suspects being taken into custody despite the fact that the homeowner only shot one of the suspects.

This is the 69th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of GA and the 1,238th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.


One thought on “4 Home Invaders Chose the Wrong Home – 1 Shot, 3 in Custody After Encountering Armed Homeowner

  1. too bad he was only gut shot

    maybe losing a few feet of intestines will wake him up..too bad his lights werent put out , as a lesson to the rest

    also ,, practice head shots ,sure , go for center mass at first, but try to get at least one in the cranium if you want to send the very best

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