4th of July DUI Checkpoint – Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, Rights Taken Away, while Innocent

Published on Jul 4, 2013 by PurpleHat1991

Tennessee State Trooper AJ Ross orders me to pull over and get out of my car, bullies me around, gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having “Illegal Drugs” in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away my freedom. All while not being detained. All this harassment because my window was not lowered enough to his preference. I broke no laws whatsoever. All of this on a day that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom and liberty. This checkpoint was in Murfreesboro, TN. At the end of the encounter, the officer did not want to give me his name when I asked him. After I repeatedly asked him, he finally gave it to me.

29 thoughts on “4th of July DUI Checkpoint – Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, Rights Taken Away, while Innocent

  1. Pretty scary that it’s gotten to the point that even being peaceful, not breaking the law, is not enough to protect you from the cops

    1. Even the cops admitted the driver knew his Rights under the Constitution. Time to get the “Egyptian” vacuum cleaner out in this country too.

      . . .

  2. I can guarentee that my untrained beagle could go up to a cops car – marked or un-marked, and my dog will indicate drugs and explosive material in that cops car. guarenteed………. Maybe a cop aughta consent to a body search before they search a car so that we would know that the said cop doesn`t have any contraband on him to plant in a innocent persons car, something to think about eh guys.

  3. More evidence supporting exercising of one rights is now a criminal act in Ameristan. and the lawful American National’s rights getting trampled on. Do not answer questions, ASK AM I BEING DETAINED! Am I under arrest? If they refuse to answer or answer truthfully, the cops are the criminals. Do not consent to a search of your self or your vehicle. The cops are even caught on video admitting that he knew his rights and was legal.
    Everything these PIGS did is constitutionally illegal!
    Stand up for your rights.

  4. So NOW you SUE officer Bubba, and proceed to take his bass boat, truck, hound dog, pension/bank savings acct., and wife when she lives him.

    File a complaint in the local district court and go from there, Should be a Legal aid group available is any county if one doesnt know how to file a complaint and get free legal help, or research it yourself.

    This crap has to stop and it will.

    1. Nothing is going to happen to these pigs as that would discourage their behavior.
      We are past petition for redress of grievance. This is state sponsored street thuggery and we are civilly dead and this is the way it will stay until we take this Republic back. And it won’t be through any corporate owned courts.

    2. Yea right GM, just what family did you come from. You actualy think that the court system is legit. Hell if it was most people would have a clean record and the cops would be acting more civil about what they do. That must be a joke there GM. LOL, and yes I am “laughing out loud” at your way of thinking on that.

  5. So a dog alerted the pig about drugs…HOW??
    Can you cross-examine the dog on a witness stand?
    Does the dog know, speak and understand English?
    This is pathetic. One ANIMAL using another animal to suspect a man of a “crime.”
    If the dog is a witness, is it the accuser and can you confront the dog as the accuser?
    Can the dog actually testify under oath?
    Oh, and the dog is a “sworn” officer. How funny is that? Did the dog knowingly swear to defend the Constitution?
    The sad thing is, many people actually believe the dogs are real “sworn” officers. Delusional, eh?

  6. Under the circumstances you did a good job trying to make them follow the law. The Government is out of control and so are their lapdogs.
    Last time I was stopped for a running a red…it was yellow, the cop came after me like I had robbed a bank endangering other moterists with his erratic driving. First he said I didn’t have a seat belt on. I did…my bad I took it off to reach for registration. He then accused me of being drunk (he could smell it). When I said I wasn’t he said he smelled pot. I told him I don’t smoke dope. After about 5 minutes of screaming at me he asked what I would say to him bringing a dog. I said bring it. He then left for 15 minutes and brought back a ticket for $250 for running a red.
    Cops scare me way more then criminals. He even said that I looked nervous. Yeah with an a@@ like you accusing me of everything except being innocent. 99 % of what they say and do is illegal.

    1. I bet you have no prior record aliasooze `cause where I am from if they would have stopped you they would have been given proboble cause to suspect that you are a violent offender – even with a non-violent record – and they would have beat the crap out of ya or shot you at their own descretion.

      1. I’ve had encounters. A DUI to be exact. He was looking for brownie points for getting a drunk AGAIN. They get promotions for that stuff. I paid dearly for that dui and don’t do that anymore. Interestingly I was maced in handcuffs for being mouthy. That was 10 years ago. I was already in county and booked. It happened in the place where they make you change clothes so only those two cops witnessed it. I’m sure they all had a good laugh about it though.
        I despise cops. Every encounter is potentially deadly.

        1. I conceed then aliasooze, but however I was talking about a felony arrest. I got caught with a joint back in `65 maybe `66. and got beat and sent to a “christian military boys school” yea I did 2 1/2 F`n years for a damned joint and I was only 13 yrs old dammit. I know all about how they like to rule and control. I have yet to succumb to them SOB`s. Yea, they even tried to brainwash me with that lysergic acid stuff. if that is how ya spell it – ya know that LSD stuff. Didn`t work for me though. I loved it. LOL. They love tot F peoples life up. Just ask Charlie Manson.

          1. Back in the day I did a little (ok a lot) myself. I loved it too. I’d be too afraid to do it now. (Disclaimer)
            Charlie kind of had it coming. You however didn’t. The drug war is a farce and our own Gov. brings the stuff in then jails people so they can work for the corporations. Cheney got rich off of private prisons.

          2. well you keep the faith there then eh. Hang in there then eh. Our justice/legal system has got to change and it will take more than waving flags and singin` songs ya know man. Like I said aliazooze, “Keep to the faith” 🙂 . Do what is right and keep supporting we the people eh. It will be worthwhile to be sure. I have hope I hope ther are more that do too. Keep the positive attitude aliazooze eh. Be positive. 🙂

    2. Oh man! I don’t feel so bad now. Sounds like my arrest, aliasooze.

      “Cops scare me way more then criminals. He even said that I looked nervous. Yeah with an a@@ like you accusing me of everything except being innocent. 99 % of what they say and do is illegal.”

      THANK YOU! This is what I am trying to fight in court with to prove that the reason why I was shaking was that I was afraid of the cop going to taze me because they did before and he insisted I was on something. So now I have to send the DA footage of the Round Rock cops tasing me to prove that is why I was shaking. This is after he said he smelled marijuana and couldn’t find anything by looking, then he said I looked nervous. Oh man. These cops need to be put away like the rabid dogs that they are.

      I completely understand what you went through, aliasooze.

      1. By the way, this “I smell pot, drugs, or whatever” crap is complete bullshit. It is all subjective (your word against mine) and is based on no real evidence and is used by the cops to justify searching your car which is completely illegal and impossible for any person to justify in a real court of law (not these fake courts that we have now) Does this cop have a dog nose? Does this cop have an extra-sensory nose? Of course not. But how can you prove something just by smell? I can say I smell marijuana on the cop, but can I search him or prove it? No, of course not.

        Now if he SAW evidence and photographed it with a camera, then he could search it because he has justifiable evidence or probable cause. Even then he would probably still need a search warrant if the guy did not consent. But smelling is the oldest excuse in the book because they know there is no way for them to have to prove it to you. It’s bullshit and there should be a law against cops even doing that. But that is how they force their way into searching you and your car. It’s bullshit and people need to find a way to counter this police tactic fast!

      2. I’m impressed you are going to court. You know one way to make them drop all charges? Say F it…put me in jail, I can’t pay.
        Why should you have to PROVE why you were shaking? Everybodies guilty of something right. No matter how you act…pigs will be pigs and charge you for BS when they had no right to stop you. They have no real criminal charges on you…right?
        If you want to see a gruesome arrest check out Hope Steffey on YouTube.

        Or check out the one about the kid that had a broken back and was tazed 19 yimes.

        1. You got a lot to learn aliasoove. they love to put people in jail or prison or rehab or beat kill people, they love to draw blood and it is a bonus to them bastards to break bones. They just love it. If you do not have a lot of money or from a cop/political family or you are going to do your lawyer a personal favor, you are going to jail/prison after the hospital, if you are lucky enough to go to the hospital. That is how the justice system works now days.

          1. That’s why they scare the hell out of me. This isn’t Mayberry anymore.
            The part about saying you have no money put me in jail…
            A friend of mine used this. There were f-ed up things about his arrest. As soon as they started acting like he was getting arrested he said he wouldn’t be picking the car up from impound, it was junk anyway. They left it on the side of a 2 lane highway all night. Then he told his lawyer to tell the prosecuter it was a BS arrest and if they went through with it he’d quit his job, clean out his apartment and sit in jail before he’d pay them a dime. He also said no way would he do probation or do work release. It worked for him. I wouldn’t recommend it.

          2. No way would I make a deal to do work realease or probation either aliasooze. They did that trip with me back in the day many years ago and about the time ya get off of probation they will revoke ya and ya start your time all over again and usualy in jail or prison. They did that to me many times. Yep they can and will do that if you miss or are even late for even one appointment with the probation/parole officer.

      3. …I grew up in a corrupt LEO family…so when I got my only DUI (barely) around the age of 50…pulling into a gas station and interrupting a one a.m. donut clutch…I just managed the encounter and STFU…at the station…the one goon tried to engage me in a conversation about my arrest/condition…and the weed they’d found in the car…eff’ em…Impeach Obama / Biden…Impeach the entire Bush clan…confiscate the Cheney/Bush fortunes…convict them of treason and hang them… now…before it is too late…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Familly

        1. I like that…”I just managed the encounter and STFU.”
          Almost sounds like you were chilling in the cop car.
          They are always barely that’s why they keep lowering the limit.
          “….impeach….charge…convict…and start hanging them right now.” may be the only option left. It’s definately late.

  7. ….impeach….charge…convict…and start hanging them right now….not later…Bush/Clintons/ Bush and Cheney…we need bullets produced from thermite tainted steel of the WTC…we need to shoot those Mother fkr’s in a public execution…..right now….after conviction….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  8. Hey guys, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is EXACTLY what the Round Rock cop tried to do to me. He insisted there was marijuana in the car and I have never done marijuana in my life nor do I even know what it smells or look like. Since I was expressing my rights peacefully, like this guy did, he felt threatened and wanted to search my car without consent. So when he couldn’t, he just arrested me for interfering with a public servant. This guy just went ahead and did what the police said without taking much of a stand and that’s why he got off easier, especially after they didn’t find anything.

    Notice how this cop points his flashlight on the camera and then turns it away. Even says the guy knows his Constitutional rights and then plays the “I’m older than you bit”.

    I played that game to the cop by saying, “I’ve been around a lot longer than you have to know what my rights are” and the Round Rock cop just laughed and called me a kid, even after the officer clearly was younger than me by like 5 years at least. As soon as my case is over, I’m going to get the video footage to prove my case to you guys, that is, if they ever give my lawyer the video footage since they keep delaying it.

    By the way, don’t you just love how they ask you to do something and when you answer them or ask a question, they put their dog-like face as close as they can to you and bark while saying, “EXCUSE ME?” as though that is supposed to all of a sudden make someone scared and change their mind, so the cop can say, “Yea, I thought so.”. And when they don’t they clearly start looking for excuses to get you out of the car and harass you and get you on something. But hey, as the person in the infirmary and the cop who arrested me said, “Why would you be afraid of a cop? They are hear to help you. If you have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem. I would let a cop search my car, otherwise it would make me look guilty and after all, I have nothing to hide.” They truly are living in their own little delusional world.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer applies as you can see here in this video. This guy got let go, but I got arrested. Welcome to Amerika!

  9. …impeach…charge….convict… and start hanging them…now…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  10. my buddy use to spray pam on his car fenders and dust it with ceyane pepper and go to the check points. f%cks the dogs up real bad. He ended up laughing one time when the dog started convulsing. They kicked his ass. He later was overheard in a bar bragging about the pepper tricks and was later charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing. They beat him then too.
    I love this video when the one cop(ass hat) says to the other that it wasnt a very strong alert by the dog as if maybe they should leave him alone.

  11. YOU MUST stand up for yourself on this and sue. This is the only way to make a change. If you do not give it back to them on a silver platter they will continue their demonic actions against all of us. SUE!

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