99ers and HR 589 Supporters – All 99ers Must Die for Jobs

422,000 new filings for unemployment this week and how is this devastation reported?  “Great news, new filings were down 2000 from the week before. “ I guess that is kind of like, “Great news, your hand got cut off instead of your arm.”

These dirt bags in the 112th Congress have not done one damn thing to address the jobs problem and all they can tell us now is what they have been telling us since they destroyed our economy.  “We need to give more tax cuts to the filthy rich – for jobs.  We need to deregulate the robber baron industry – for jobs.  We need to take Social Security and Medicare, please just let us we are only going to screw those 55 and younger – and it’s for jobs.  Cut welfare and food stamps and give that money to the corporations – for jobs.  Fire a million public workers – for jobs.  Grant amnesty to 30 million illegals working our jobs – for jobs.”

Yesterday, I heard the most outrageous thing yet.  New York is going to cut subsidies to homeless shelters because they are encouraging people to default on their loans and give up their homes.  You see, these middle class people would rather live in homeless shelters that are subsidized with federal money.  Those damn freeloaders.

I swear the elite are like a 500 pound slob sitting in front of a five gallon kettle filled with gruel.  They shove it in and force it down until they vomit all over themselves.  Then they wipe their mouth with their forearm and start slopping more down.  More, more, more.

The propagandists are now admitting to 21 million unemployed with 10 million being long term unemployed.  Well they are half way there.

That little dweeb, Paul Ryan, thinks the mainstream propagandists can resurrect him and his neo-Nazi socialist austerity plan.  Wrong Alfalfa.  We the people know what you are and who you serve.  No matter what you bastards do there is going to be a reckoning.  Ryan, I know you and the rest of the one party system are trying to push the people into a Greek-like uprising.

Well I have news for you, scum bag.  We are not Greeks and we are not going to accept Socialism in any form.  If you want to know what is about to happen to you, get out your history books and look up the American Revolution.  Meanwhile the rest of us have tar and feathers to prepare.  We are going to have our Republic back and you are going to have our Constitution shoved down your throat until it comes out your arse before we put you on the deportation barge bound for Somalia.

You know what, just do it.  Announce that you are taking everything and start taking it.  I’m tired of waiting around.  You think you can kick our asses?  Well step up, boy and give her a go.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry, I’m tired of waiting too. Things are just getting worse, and like you’ve said, the election is a long way off. I don’t know how much more these crooks think we can take, but brother, I’ve had enough. More wars, extension of the Patriot Act, stealing our Social Security, cutting back food stamps, no jobs, unemployment getting worse, no warrant needed to kick in your door, high gas prices, an open border, etc.,etc. Next they’ll be publicly be burning the Constitution, or what’s left of it.

  2. It is ridiculous. Bottom line is that they do not care. It’s a shame that this is what this country has come down to.

  3. The middle easterners and the Asians foreigners that come to work here under a free work visa have take 90% of the Engineering proffesional jobs from Americans!
    Enineering ,Electronic assembly Air craft enginnerin Mechanical engineering!
    This is and also out-sourcing is the reason American citizens are becoming homeless and cant find much work!

    1. This statement is 100 percent correct. You should see all the Indians that have engineering jobs in Rockford, IL at Hamilton Aviation, which is a giant place of employment. They only seem to hire engineers from India and I cannot even get a basic electronics tech job there!

  4. RON PAUL has got to expand his views on the 99ers, the economy, bringing jobs back and present a plan for this, he has got to take stronger stands and get air time, he needs money, if I had any I’d give it to him, for those thatt have a little, please help him. The time is now but he needs all of our help.

  5. Nice writing Henry… Has anyone sent this to any of the media outlets (i.e. CNN, foxnews, ABC, NBC, CBS, USATODAY, etc etc…) I keep hoping that some of those in power will see that what they are doing is allowing the government, etc to destroy this country and it’s citizens overnight! Send to your local news papers, and TV stations as well. It must be a grassroot effort from the rest of us…

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