0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Chairs Congressional Hearing On Federal Reserve Lending During The Financial Crisis

  1. Goddamn main street media is still ignoring Ron Paul, giving huge air time to clowns such as Hermann Cain, Mitt Romney etc. Really annoying, when Ron Paul clearly is the best of the bunch. Even that piss ant Anthony Weiner is getting huge ass air time.

  2. While I still do question this portrayal of the fed as being sincere with transparency during these hearings with respect to the FOIA’s request for release of pertinent documents (since they did fight this thru appeal to the supreme court thru their owners in the clearing houses), I do respect and am proud that we at least have one true represnetative of the people in Ron Paul, one that has been steadfast in attempting to bring these secret and sordid transactions to the public forefront for many years now. I particularly like the way he got on top of it and questioned the apparent censorship of the fed’s document of their secret loan facility. This is why I question their genuineness of being transparent in relative documents requested since for one they did not provide this willingly, and second they can censor such documents they deem as being irrelevant or need protecting. Still, I thank R. Paul for his diligence in this matter as well as you Henry for keeping this monster story in public view.

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