99ers and HR 589 Supporters Will Barbara Lee Finally Bring John Boehner to Heal? LOL

Apparently John Boehner was available for interviews on Monday morning as he was trying to repair his relationship with the neo-cons which was damaged when he sold them out in this latest budget deal.  At least we know where Boehner’s priorities lie, which is in kissing the right arses. 

The point is the time he spent doing his “Boehner is a good guy” commercials could have been better spent elsewhere.  I mean what would it take, maybe five minutes to sit down with Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, laugh in their faces, and tell them HR 589 will pass when pigs fly?  Who knows if he will ever get the time?

They haven’t even finished their last Wall Street production and they are getting ready to start a new show called, “The Debt Ceiling.”  In this tragic comedy the false left, being played by Obama and company, will act like they are being strong armed once again by the false right, being played by Boehner and company.  And after a couple of weeks of intense drama being played out on our television sets more wealth will be transferred from the bottom up and the debt ceiling will be raised. 

They know they have to raise this debt ceiling, they have no choice.  You see all the debt ceiling really is anymore is an adjustment designed to tack on further interest to our debt to compensate for the falling value of the dollar as a result of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing.

I have been wondering for quite a while now why the Democans didn’t just pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling back when they had their super majority.  The answer is simple.  They knew the U.S. would be heavily involved in wreaking havoc through the Middle East and needed a grand diversion to keep the simple minds of the general public occupied. 

Many 99ers have wondered why that same super majority did not pass a Tier 5 when they very easily could have.  This too is simple.  It had already been pre-agreed at that time that the 99ers would not be receiving one more dollar as the unemployment was hastening the flow of wealth from the bottom to the top. 

Well it is blatantly obvious that the 99ers are taking the brunt of this so called economic crisis on the chin.  So how have the makers of this misery been doing?  You know those thieves working on Wall Street who stole all of the wealth that we have been and are expected to continue to replace. 

According to MSNBC in 2010 CEO pay increased 20%.  John F Lungren, chief executive of Stanley Black & Decker saw his pay raise 253% to over $32 million after a big stock award.  CEO of Emerson Electric, David Farr saw his pay raise to $22.9 million, an increase of 233%.  The average CEO pay in 2010 was $11.6 million.  The highest paid CEO worked for Viacom at $84.5 million in 2010.

If this doesn’t enrage you you are beyond redemption.  Remember the Great Compromiser Soetoro just gave up $858 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy in December, and this was billed as a good thing.  As a part of this last agreement $300 million was cut in education and training for the unemployed. 

I think the message here is clear.  Our so called representatives are going to continue the transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the corporate elite.  And if we don’t like it, well that is just too bad. 

99ers we must see results from the Easter Project.  If we do not cause an effect our enemies are just going to coast right through the spring and summer and the next thing we know we are going to find ourselves facing another Christmas as impoverished, disenfranchised, and disposed nobodies who have been even further removed from the collective consciousness.  We have to start making some noise. 

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I do not think that 99ers are going to be that patient . We will not wait for them to decide when we will live or die. We can not wait that long. Most of the 99ers have children that are already going to bed hungry. How long does this Government think they can get away with starving our children? We are running out of patients. They keep pushing us and they dont realize we arnt going to be pushed much longer.

      1. ok lets stand together quit talking shit and fight back hell they work for us lets put capitol hill on unemployment. we need to start and form a new party one thats for the people not the rich

  2. Henry, this article is so true. I believe there are those of us who were sold on a bill of goods regarding the American dream. Meaning to work hard, invest in the future, obtain all the material things in life, etc, these acts would announce to the world that we had done it right and had arrived. We were told to trust and believe in the system without question; and if we did, our final reward would be everlasting bliss here on earth. Well, we’ve been rudely awaken from that dream, only to realize that it was a nightmare in disguise. Now that we see our world crumbling all around us by decisions made by those in authority; ones that are doing us more harm than good, we seem to find ourselves lacking in initiative or ability to fight back for change. It appears that we’ve accepted the victim’s role consciously or unconsciously towards the very system that has, and continues to, abuse us. Maybe we’re still reeling from the after shock of it all to make any concerted efforts to do anything about what’s happening to us. I believe some of us fell into the “eyes wide open shut” syndrome . And for that we are paying dearly.

  3. help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help. CONGRESS DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE AMERICANS ARE SAYING THIS IS ABOUT HELPING AMERICAN WORKERS IN THIS MESS YOU MADE , PASS THE EXTENSION NOW.

  4. Mizori — I couldn’t agree with you more. Henry great article! I don’t get to spend as much time posting as I would like but i do it when I can. I would like to do it all day. I hope the Easter project is a success but all we can do is pray. I am ready for anything to happen. I have gas money so I could get to another city if I am needed. The terrible thing about me is I am limited as to how long I can stand. I don’t think I would help anyone sitting in a wheelchair. I might not be standing but I’ll be there. This is a terrible thing to say but I wish someone would just snap and start a riot (like turning over cop cars or something) — I believe that would get things going. I don’t believe in hurting anyone — but we are getting hurt everyday. Could this not be called self defense? I’m not getting any replies from all the posting to our famous people. So sad. Hang in there guys — my prayers are with you all.

  5. Oregon has reached out to the 99ers as far as I can tell by reading S.B.638 onwww.leg.or.us/index.html Looks real to me, but we’ll see. I will continue to push for 589 no matter what because it is the American way to help our brothers and sisters any way we can. Hell if Oregon can help 99ers why cant the United States Government? I sure hope this is real because it may send a needed message to Congress people are suffering needlessly. Save Americans now or perish with us.

  6. they need to do something about the issue which involves the lack of jobs & the long term unemployed a.k.a. the 99ers. Many of us lost our homes, cars, along with everything else we worked hard for, through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN! Ignoring us is NOT the answer because we are NOT going away! How can we with NO INCOME! We WANT to work but nothing has been done about job creation, so that leaves me with this question: WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO WHEN IT COMES TO SUPPORTING OUR FAMILIES!!! Where are the jobs at Mr. Boehner, & why is it that you won’t make the time to talk to Congresswoman Lee about this issue. What are you afraid of? Is it true that if you ignore Mrs. Lee request that the problem will go away, or do you fear the reality of this issue.

  7. Another great article Henry…..I wish someone would here our pleas for help…..I do not believe anyone in our govt. cares if we live or die….my own situation is I have been repeatedly denied my disability due to no resources to update my medical records..the doctor ss sent me to performed one simple test and the remaining time asking me about my UE situation…fyi, my friends husband has many health issues, was sent to the same doc and same result…questions only about UE….WTH!!! since when does UE have anything to do with disability? i have OA, fibromyalgia, degenerative disks, etc. If they would pass HR589 I might be able to hold on a little longer but the impression that I get over and over from all the social services is too bad too sad….they act like you brought this on yourself so deal with it….I am so tired of begging for a hand out every day…..

    1. Henry please pass my e-mail address along to Losing Hope Fast. I would prefer not to post it. I recovered from fibromyalgia 11 years ago, I know what most don’t know about it. I can also help Losing Hope Fast recover from the other issues too.

  8. UI extensions are so old news. Politicians never accepted our existance and never will. We needed help two years ago and nothing happened, guess what? There will never be another extension-it’s over. What we have is it! period. Better start coming from a different angle. Either lower the age for SS or extend UI forever. That’s it we are done!

  9. Just read that they’ve rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow (Thurs. 4/14). Let’s see how far in advance and what excuse Boner uses to cancel this time.

  10. Obama and the dems don’t care if the long term unemployed live or die, Obama needed the false figuers to make himself look good with the economy knowing that it WAS A BLATANT LIE. and the republicans certainly dont give a damn about you.
    Do not re-elect obama or any dems and certainly never vote for a republican.

  11. for thier perverse statistical analogy, let the 535 in government pass an extension for 14 weeks, just to see what THE REAL UMEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS ARE……….. THEN, take all the cretins working for the census bureau and put them to work on how to rectify the situation with the crumbling of the MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!!!!!

  12. !!!-REVOLUTION-!!!

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for their future security”

    I really think we have reached this point people……..

    1. Right, last commenter! With gas prices so high and more unemployed than they even think or care about, How in the world are we gonna get any help, save what you said. Oh how nice it would be to throw them off and provide new guards for our ‘present,’ and future security! I pray God will let it happen!

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