Birthers and Donald Trump Ask Who Barak Hussein Obama Really Is

The mainstream left wing propagandist, Chris Matthews, continued his bizarre attack on Donald Trump first  initiated when Trump began his investigation to settle the question once and for all, “Is Barak Obama a United States citizen or not?”   The deeper Trump digs the more it seems that the evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii does not exist.  The more evident this truth becomes the more pitiful Matthews defense of Obama follows suit.  In fact he seems bordering on the edge of desperate as more and more people are coming forth and stating the obvious.

It seems that the person who issued the certificate of live birth would have had to, and says he did; look at the original birth certificate.  Now wouldn’t it seem logical that if the birth certificate did indeed exist it would be a simple matter for the President of the United States to obtain it and hold it up high for the world to see?  All speculation aside, why would you not?

There have been 49 lawsuits filed in reference to Obama’s citizenship and qualifications to be our president.  Obama has spent $1.4 million keeping his records sealed for what reason?  Even records in reference to scheduling when he was a Senator in Chicago have been sealed.

When officials from our government want to look into our phone records, our bank accounts, our homes, our cars, or even our pockets and we object to these unwarranted searches, they always say the same thing.  If you have nothing to hide, why do you care? 

When I went to renew my driver license last time, I could not.  The driver license, which was about to expire and had my picture on the front of it, was not acceptable as legal identification.  In order to get my license renewed I had to pay the state I was born in $20 to send me a copy of my original birth certificate. 

I guess the standard for proving who you are to renew your driver license is at least a bit higher than to become president of the United States.  All of the evidence is screaming out he wasn’t born here.

It is interesting to note that on one episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory series it was asserted that Obama was a CIA asset before entering public office.  This might very well explain his lack of a past life.  But then being a CIA asset in no way requires a person to be a United States citizen.  And if this is true would it not seem that the CIA has put a Manchurian candidate into the office of the President of the United States?

Some people like Matthews say that the issue of the birth certificate not existing and Obama’s parents or whoever having gone to the trouble to make the manipulations to create the lie of his citizenship is a ridiculous conspiracy.  I say that our CIA specializes in ridiculous conspiracies.  And if you think the CIA is not capable of embedding an agent from birth, well you had better think again. 

I believe it is all true and that we have a foreigner doing business for the CIA masquerading as our president as nothing else makes sense.  And Chris Matthews’ assertion that the obvious is ridiculous is obviously ridiculous.

0 thoughts on “Birthers and Donald Trump Ask Who Barak Hussein Obama Really Is

  1. Too bad this piece of garbage doesn’t give a damn about America or her values that has made her strong over these 236 some odd years. Probably the most disrespectful excuse of an American representitive towards our constitution that has ever held office by far.

    Still having a hard time with this idiot even being allowed to even step foot in the White House.

    1. Even if Obama was born in the Lincoln bedroom it wouldn’t matter, both his parents would have to be natural born citizens as well for him to be legally eligible, which clearly they were not.

      Both parents would have had to have been born in the United States as well. And you can start to see the reasons why, too much is at stake here. America doesn’t need some outside influences determining policy.

  2. Just a curiosity or maybe it was just a coincidence, that the only person who would clarify Obama’s place of birth, was dead before he took office. (His grandmother) conspiracy or CIA dirty jobs.

  3. Big money corperations Federal reserve and foreign countries Put that man in the whitehouse so he could do their bidding for them and so they have the power to seal his files from the public the man is a fraud not a US citizen.

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