Fukushima Goes to Level Seven

The Fukushima Nuclear Plant is now being referred to as “Japan’s Chernobyl” as the radiation threat level is raised from 5 to 7.  Of course do not be surprised if next week the threat level is back down to 5 again and those in the governments and the mainstream media are pretending that today never happened.  Nuclear radioactivity is frightening but what is more frightening is the cover up. 

Last week we reported that 11,000 tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima reactors was taken by ship out to sea and dumped.  This story was in the mainstream for one day.  The next day the mainstream showed the Japanese towing a huge fishing platform into the area and it was reported that the radioactive water being pumped from the reactors and storage facilities would be stored on the barge.

If we had not been on top of the story how many people would know that the dumping out at sea had occurred?  Don’t you think that this very significant event should have been a part of every subsequent story that followed?  When a new report is released on the plant they always go back to the earthquake and tsunami and work their way forward.  Now it seems they are starting to delete certain events to remove them from reality.  We cannot let this outrage be swept under the carpet.

The dumping of the radioactive water into the ocean was not only a gross act of negligence and wanton disregard for the rest of the people on this planet, but it was also a violation of international law.  So where is the holy-than-thou UN on this one?  I guess their enforcement mechanisms work like those here in the United States in that if you are a rich corporation you can literally get away with murder.

The radiation from the Fukushima Plant has now made it completely around the globe and logically has to be growing in intensity daily.  17 of the United States are now reporting contamination in their drinking water and milk.  It is now in our food chain.  I have to believe that the nuclear corporate monsters are thanking whatever gods they pray to, that radiation cannot be detected with the human eye. 

I believe this catastrophe is a whole lot worse than what we are being told.  The fact is it is now being put on a par with Chernobyl which tells me that is has far surpassed Chernobyl as Chernobyl had only one reactor that melted down and Fukushima has three reactors in meltdown and four storage facilities out of control.

Every day more of the island of Japan becomes more uninhabitable.  This situation is going to be made a whole lot worse by the lies and cover-ups of the Japanese government, American government, and the nuclear experts who seem to think their education gives them some right to treat the rest of us like children they must protect from the truth.

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  1. Very good article, Rachel. The Japanese disaster seems to have become ” old news “, as I don’t really see any news coverage about it on T.V., and we probably won’t until everybody starts dropping like irradiated flies !

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